Feb. 5th, 2010

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Feb. 5th, 2010 11:50 pm
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  • 13:50 Going to need a nap when I get home, I think
  • 15:20 Yep, I need a nap. People I'm Writing With: I'll be back at six my time.
  • 19:05 Nap was good...except I kept waking up JUST as I was dozing off, sure someone in the room was saying my name. WTF.
  • 19:05 Way to make a comeback, Friends Of Beulah
  • 19:22 I wasn't sure I would like Cha Cha tea by @Adagio, but I really do! The chamomile and lemongrass is actually pretty nice.
  • 19:52 I hate it when people don't set their AIM to show when they're idle. I always think I'm being ignored ):
  • 20:12 It seriously annoys me when people bitch about getting in trouble for SOMETHING THEY DID THAT WAS WRONG. HELLO.
  • 20:26 @petewentz I'm sure he's crossing it off his list too, buddy.
  • 20:41 Ily needs to get his ass off my space bar.
  • 20:45 @kiptripsyc I've seen it suggested that you use more when brewing than with greens or blacks, if it's too light. Or it's just not for you.
  • 20:59 @kiptripsyc I ordered the white sampler, so I guess I'll see how I take to it. I think white peach is included.
  • 21:28 I hate it when I'm forced to take charge about something.
  • 22:03 Hmm, disappearing tea bags. Beulah, you are NOT welcome to my Adagio.
  • 22:04 Also, I'm SO DISAPPOINTED. The store no longer has that excellent natural peanut butter I loved so much ):
  • 22:55 @phinnia Give him a piece of sandpaper? Maybe he'll like it, and it'll file his nails down at the same time.
  • 23:07 I've been listening to a lot of Chiodos, Thrice, and Better Than Ezra. What a combo.
  • 23:26 Doing a ton of writing--but nothing's finished! I'll lol when they're all done at once, though.
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