Feb. 20th, 2010

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Man so I guess I have weird dreams in California, too.

The first time, I dreamed [livejournal.com profile] hi_falootin's Mike was living with someone with Down's Syndrome, and had to go to court to try to prove the relationship was consensual and okay. Rayn was his lawyer, Darcy the other attorney trying to press the incompetance of Down Syndrome guy. (Brain never gave me a name.) I think it was determined that the relationship was okay, and off they went.

The second one wasreally scary and creepy )

Thankfully, the shops, streets, and alleys that were all in this dream are also in my Iowa hometown. Yay! :\

So we're going to have pancakes this morning (blue ones, maybe?? :D) and then see about doing some other stuff. Golden Gate walking seems the most likely, and yay! BUT BUT I ONLY HAVE 463 PICTURES LEFT ON MY CAMERA. Note to self: bring moar batteries. I also woke up with a Matchbox 20 song in my head; the dream broken by the sound of water in pipes and if it's just that you're weak, we can talk about it. HOKAY. This bed in the guest room of Kelly's parents house is really comfy, except when I woke up at like five and had to use the bathroom, I came back and had to turn on the light and stand here and make the bed, because I somehow short-sheeted myself or something. One blanket was on the floor, the other two tangled and scattered from hell to breakfast.

Okay, now is time to get ready for brekkie and the day. I sure hope that giant robot from Monsters Vs. Aliens doesn't go a-bridge-destroyin while we're out there.


Feb. 20th, 2010 10:14 pm
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Just finished watching The Skeleton Key with Kelly and Geena. Geena was very disappointed that a) ghost raccoons didn't do it and b) the song during the credits likely did not contain the lyrics "deep in my heart/there's a gremlin".

At least she's off of the gay porn pop-up book idea.
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  • 12:43 LOL some kid holding a sign on a street corner dressed like lady liberty, dancing up a storm
  • 14:54 twitpic.com/14dwf7 - FUCK YEAH...but it's freezing
  • 14:55 twitpic.com/14dwo7 - Annnnnnd...we're walking
  • 19:56 @falootin NOOOOOO
  • 20:45 Geena: "Amy, I don't know what world you live in, but the answer is ALWAYS 'creepy pop-up book'."
  • 22:22 @finding_jay what are those?
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