Feb. 21st, 2010

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Lol so a conversation with Geena about the awful things we write as prepubescent ~*aspiring authors*~ led me to finding the Frank Burns/Percy Weasley I wrote in someone's anonymous post, uh...two years ago.

"Wait...I'm n-really not sure we ought to be doing this," his voice was slow and hesitant, but he made no move to move.

"Well, I'm in charge here, aren't I?" Frank's voice was low and amused, his lipless mouth pulled back to bare his teeth in what he clearly thought was a winning smile. "And I can do whatever-I-want." He sang under his breath.

Percy bit his lip, still looking trouble. "But the Minister - "

"Wants to sleep with you too, oh sure," Frank rolled his eyes. "Thanks for reminding me about that. I'm surprised you haven't already, could get some valuable information you know...help me bring him down so we can take over and I can be in charge c - I mean, we, can be in charge completely. You on your side, and I on mine. But it will really be one side, won't it."

It wasn't a question. Percy pulled back from the older man, eyes narrowed. "You think I'm some sort of...promiscuous person, do you? That I'll lean over for anyone to further my career? To further yours? Right then." He stood, angrily tucking his shirttail in and flicking his wand toward the hall closet. It burst open and he stretched out a hand to catch the cloak that had soared to him. He pulled it on as he turned his back on his lover and headed toward the front door. Frank finally realized what had happened and he jumped up.

"Why not?!" he demanded, as Percy shoved his wand into the inside pocket of his cloak without looking back. "It'll be better for everyone that way, don't you see? Don't you see how much better it is here with me in charge? We're so regulation that the toilet seats rise to attention at inspection! I thought you too craved that sense of order!"

"Oh, quite," said Percy dryly, still not looking back. His shoulders were hunched toward Frank as if he was repulsed by his presence. "Deceiving the ministry, my minister, my people? That's treason, I'm quite sure of it. I'm sorry," he paused, "Major Burns, but I'm not that sort of wizard."

And he was gone, Disapparated before the door had even finished closing behind him.

LOL WHAT indeed.


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