Apr. 17th, 2010

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  • 08:38 @amazonqueenkate Use a blender and make drinkable smoothies for fruit?
  • 12:49 @janus_theory_ that's awesome, keep it up! :D
  • 13:14 Made roasted broccoli for lunch. SO good.
  • 13:32 Next time, less salt on the broccoli. And maybe cooked a little longer, idk...was burning, but not QUITE tender either :\
  • 14:01 @janus_theory_ Won't that put steam in the oven? I added a little olive oil before putting the pan in, but maybe not enough?
  • 14:07 Ugh. Backing up my harddrive to my external is a pain in the ass.
  • 14:35 @janus_theory_ 350, I think. And that may be a factor...the tinier pieces got burnt on them pretty quickly.
  • 14:45 Is it possible for a male to take enough female hormones (or whatever) to grow actual breasts (like a female's, where there's feeling)?
  • 14:46 irdk about a lot of that stuff...I expect there'd be no milk ducts, of course, but at least nipple sensation (like males have already)?
  • 14:47 @janus_theory_ I will definitely try it again, and will smaller pieces. And less salt D: I need to ask @cueballex how she did it.
  • 14:53 @amazonqueenkate I know I could, but I don't like reading medical things.
  • 15:59 twitpic.com/1gd2b3 - Being REALLY good for the last few days :D
  • 20:08 I think that's about enough of the fucking earthquakes.
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