Apr. 18th, 2010

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  • 11:25 Been a long time since I've slept until 11. Nice to catch up, but I always think AHHH I'VE LOST TIME COULD HAVE BEEN PRODUCTIVE ): ):
  • 12:11 gaaaaaaasp!! New Motion City Soundtrack album I didn't know about?? DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
  • 12:11 I hope it's good..... D:
  • 13:06 Can we count on our conversations to restore us?
  • 14:06 OH SHIT.
  • 14:06 I just realized I accidentally deleted almost ALL of the porn I had downloaded. DDD:
  • 14:06 @janus_theory_ whoo, congrats! :D
  • 14:15 @mrbowers I only have what was on my PC harddrive now--I erased my external, forgetting I had stored previously-downloaded stuff there D: D:
  • 15:20 An album will play in iTunes, but not on my iPod? WTF
  • 18:22 Emmy's watching Harry Potter 2--saw Lucius Malfoy and asked me what Draco's mommy's name was, then said, "Oh, yeah, Lucy". LOL, CLOSE ENOUGH
  • 18:52 Emmy is totally scolding Dustin for making a mess, not apologizing, & asking her to clean it. I heard "I guarantee that you MUST apologize!"
  • 18:52 Then she stands up and goes, "ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?"
  • 19:51 Lol, dustin mentioned that one of his friends has a baby boy and emmy asked "did he hatch it?"
  • 21:40 The Castrol "THINK WITH YOUR DIPSTICK, JIMMY" commercials are hilarious
  • 21:43 @sarcasticsra It's not how LONG they take that people like--it's how quickly they can be ripped off in the heat of the moment
  • 22:28 You're fucking kidding. KFC has a chicken sandwich that's just chicken, cheese, bacon, cheese, and chicken? NO BUN, JUST CHICKEN? WTFF
  • 22:59 The video for Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" is always such a fucking TRIP
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