Jul. 10th, 2010

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  • 13:06 No, glaring asshole, I will not make my kid stop playing with her happy meal toy in mcdonald's. You want to work on your laptop, go to arbys
  • 14:55 I feel this argument is invalid RT@almightygod #ifgodexisted he would be able to send messages that are more clear and moral than the Bible.
  • 14:56 This one too. RT @almightygod #ifgodexisted then there would be only one religion.
  • 16:23 Why the hell do I have Sugar Ray's "Fly" in my head
  • 16:44 Oh good, my season 2 of Criminal Minds is in the mail and on its way. I STILL NEED SEASON ONE FIRST, YOU GUYS
  • 16:46 Yay, I made this fic 5k, and now it flows MUCH better. Just need to connect-the-scenes now...
  • 17:12 God I wish ANYTHING auditory didn't distract me so fucking bad.
  • 17:25 I don't get why OMFG TONE ARGUMENT is a bad thing. Tone, or the way you say things to people, matters. A lot.
  • 17:46 I hate it when I think something is one word and it's two.
  • 17:55 Whooo, fic is 5400+ words. Will look over again later before sending; for now, PIZZA and M*A*S*H fuck yes
  • 19:23 Floaters, floaters, go away...I need new glasses.
  • 19:27 ...I get an LJ comment with the words "penile cancer" and then I get spam email about DICK DRUGS? wtffffff
  • 19:31 ...and then I get retweeted by a mesothelioma twitter. OKAY.
  • 19:47 < -- has moar tea vodka
  • 19:48 Also, what the hell. Wal-Mart doesn't have the SUGARLESS gallons of sweet tea anymore. I WANT TO DRINK HEATHILY, DAMMIT
  • 19:48 Dustin made me a drink but he used the GIANT ice cubes instead of the little ones that melt and help water it down OH THE TASTE ):
  • 19:55 Tried to write "true facts" and wrote "true cats". Oh well--that's the same, right?
  • 19:58 ...one of the RATS prompts is "That's what (s)he said". LOL FOREVER
  • 19:59 I should probably get online so I just bother one or two people instead of spamming Twitter for the rest of the night...POOR PEOPLE ON MY BL
  • 22:25 NOPE--IT'S OAK
  • 23:43 M*A*S*H season one + tea vodka + .gif of CM's Reid/MGG doing gay bar dance = BEST EVER
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