Jul. 17th, 2010

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  • 13:41:25: Great, so LoudTwitter apparently up and died. Twittinesis, I'm looking at you once more...
  • 13:51:20: Yay, my BBT DVDs are here. Well, not HERE...at the post office. Will pick them up when I get Emmy. NEW STUFF TO WATCH A+++
  • 14:34:30: Oh damn, the WHINING. The internet is full of four-year-olds.
  • 16:03:25: Colouring is srs bn http://twitpic.com/25w1rx
  • 17:09:32: Got my s1 and s2 of BBT :D
  • 17:35:30: we'll leave the past out to pasture, and take the days as they come
  • 17:57:25: http://gandolforf.livejournal.com/474032.html I LIKE TV SHOWS AND MUSICS
  • 19:55:07: Oh good, the heat index will make it 100-105 degrees tomorrow.
  • 19:56:36: Except for the possibility of dew points with a max temp of 95, making heat indicies of at least 110...
  • 20:58:38: Wanted to write...have something I really want to finish. But I'm too distracted, so I'm watching The Big Bang Theory instead.
  • 21:00:08: I forgot how much laugh tracks annoy me.
  • 21:04:08: Eew, Sheldon, get off MySpace.
  • 22:18:18: lmaoooo oh god I love Sheldon
  • 22:29:53: Amused at all of the different actors from Roseanne showing up on Johnny Galecki's new show.
  • 22:34:32: "I said I could follow it, I didn't say I cared."
  • 22:57:41: I love how Penny got so used to (and impatient with) Sheldon so fast. (She's kinda mean though...he IS smarter than she is.)
  • 23:14:51: THAT'S HOW WE ROLL IN THE SHIRE lol forever
  • 23:17:13: Ugh, DVD player froze again. Think it's overheating or something.
  • 23:20:47: Aww...Finey let me pet her belly. Another first since I got her. She's warming up now, I guess <3
  • 23:21:49: She's SO skittish--she jumps at EVERYTHING. It's nice to see an abused animal starting to trust you.

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