Jul. 18th, 2010

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  • 00:47:35: OH MY GOD the creeper from the pilot of Criminal Minds is a creeper on BBT too
  • 09:51:25: Oh, that makes sense. The Young Veins thanked the Bright Eyes guy in their album liner. (Not sarcasm, that really does make sense.)
  • 09:52:36: The jacket cover of "Take A Vacation!" is the only thing I have signed by band members :D
  • 10:46:07: Fun fact: I don't feel as if I can get ready to write unless I am dressed.
  • 10:46:49: RT @suzanneyankovic: I like to freak out tourists here in TX when the cicadas are buzzing by saying “Wow, the rattlesnakes are loud today!”
  • 10:47:37: I know--we're stretching the limits of "fun", but this is what I've got.
  • 11:53:46: DAMN. I turned off music in order to get writing, and I can't get "Cape Town" out of my head. DAMN YOU, RYAN ROSS. (and Jon Walker)
  • 12:11:09: Every time I'm writing and I scrap a line I liked, Stephen King's voice booms, "KILL YOUR DARLINGS, KILL YOUR DARLINGS" at me. :s
  • 12:32:48: LOL I love the way I write. (Kinda. And not.) Too many bits of scene/dialogue that need tied together at the end. DO SOMETHING, YOU GUYS.
  • 13:54:53: What in the hell is it with all of the BUS accidents in the world lately? Collisions, swervings, FALLINGS OFF CLIFFS...
  • 15:03:45: I think I'm on track for another brownie, here...4100 words and not quite finished yet.
  • 15:25:35: Ugh, I hate how the front usb ports on my pc are UPSIDE DOWN for some stupid-ass reason
  • 15:27:26: LOL I just realized another artist the new Young Veins album reminds me of. Ready? ROY ORBISON.
  • 15:31:04: When I listen to "Young Veins (Die Tonight)" all I can hear is "OHHHHH, PRETTY WOMAN"
  • 16:49:34: It's so hot in here, even with the AC, that Finey is panting like a dog with her tongue out.
  • 18:15:50: Oh good, surprise filming
  • 18:31:44: ...The DJ played the Barney song.
  • 19:01:40: SO FUCKING OUT OF HERE
  • 20:14:33: Anyway we had Wendy's (baked potato! NOM) and soon I will have tea vodka and either Criminal Minds or Big Bang Theory.
  • 21:11:51: Watching The Big Bang theory with Dustin. And tea vodka.

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