Jul. 23rd, 2010

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  • 06:31:05: iTunes, why do you hate me today.
  • 09:21:07: Out of work already. Happy birthday to me.
  • 09:26:34: Oh, so that's why I don't like being home in the mornings. (I LOATHE Nickelodeon and their stupid ~music~ video commercials)
  • 09:29:42: Big Time Rush can bite my big time ass.
  • 09:45:29: want to murder iTunes
  • 10:06:59: ...wow, so the word of the day today will garner the most specific prompts for fics ever.
  • 14:43:18: So, I'm thinking I'm going to go back and title 250 3D fics...
  • 15:11:42: Sunny/91/feels like: 102. "Hot and humid". REALLY? Augh.
  • 15:14:46: Woke me in the morning, asked me if I meant it--I didn't...
  • 17:41:49: LJ doesn't send me a new email when someone edits a comment anymore...
  • 18:53:51: RT @subluxated I am collecting My Treats. They're like Pokemon.
  • 19:14:08: LOL the Fresh Pineapple prompt is WEIRD AL'S "ALBEQUERQUE". Loooove.
  • 19:22:21: Birthday present to me: Applebee's for dinner (loooove that fiesta lime chicken) and finally renewed by last.fm subscription
  • 19:26:10: This icon (http://l-userpic.livejournal.com/77066392/8773437) makes me lol so hard. Oh, Jackson Browne...
  • 20:16:31: EMMY'S HAIRS: http://gandolforf.livejournal.com/476108.html
  • 23:39:41: Damn I hurt both of my feet today. Well, Emmy jumped down from the car on my left foot, and I dropped a 1 litre bottle on the other.
  • 23:39:56: Wearing flip-flops, so...very ow. The right one (where I dropped the bottle) still hurts.
  • 23:41:45: RT @kiptripsyc new sayings: "that's so straight" "they are so straight" etc. USE IT
  • 23:55:17: RT @petewentz: At some point in his career tom hanks realized he was so awesome that his co-star could be a volley ball. So amazing.

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