Aug. 10th, 2010

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  • 00:46:26: My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Blue Öyster Cult (108), Fall Out Boy (28) and The Simpsons (27)
  • 06:23:02: creepy, creepy dream
  • 12:31:04: Yes, I'm eating potatoes and rice in the same meal. SO?!
  • 12:59:28: I was supposed to start working from home today. That worked (not).
  • 14:58:30: lol @ people on babycenter's Facebook page saying Lady Gaga isn't appropriate for kids "OR ADULTS". OKAY.
  • 17:54:50: Emmy liked my Mexican Chicken Stew :D (lol, called me "the best stew cooker EVER")
  • 18:17:13: I miss my Super Nintendo ):
  • 18:18:30: LOLOL oh god I love the wonderpets
  • 18:20:03: 1. They're in an elevator, and Tuck says "What's the groovy sound?" Ming-Ming says, deadpanned, "Elevator music."
  • 18:20:48: 2. The Baby Monster the Wonderpets are helping said "Okalie dokalie!" LOL OKAY BABY FLANDERS
  • 18:21:34: (This is the one with the FIERCE MONSTER that had a pink bow on her head, too.)
  • 18:25:52: DAMN why does my iPod freeze up every time I try to connect it to my pc? I reset and it's fine after, but AUGH annoying
  • 19:19:52: ...Emmy suddenly wants to watch Popeye.
  • 19:33:55: RT @HomerJSimpson: This weekend I’m going to see Insane Clown Posse, or, as Marge insists I call it, a NASCAR race.
  • 19:40:03: Mmm, Strawberry Crush in a glass bottle. FLASHBACKS
  • 21:55:36: Had a dream I watched someone bite off part of their finger.
  • 21:59:32: Y helo thar Illy
  • 22:00:34: Aw his new bed
  • 22:02:03: I'm CLEARLY interrupting him--I'll stop
  • 23:26:58: Oh damn, no WONDER it was hot in here! The AC apparently turned itself off/flipped up the breaker and I didn't notice! Had AD on too.
  • 23:32:23: Hoping for just 8 hrs tomorrow...hopefully will be able to continue the co-write with Sara and maybe get something else done too.

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A couple of memes, one each from Kelly, Geena, and Sara:

the one nabbed from Kelly: )

a GREAT DETAIL meme nabbed from Geena: )

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

Hi, I'm...Amy, and I' I just turned twenty-five, I live in Iowa, I've been married for seven years, and I have a four-year-old. I spend six to ten hours a day working data entry; soon I'm to be working from home, though my employers are still trying to hash out the details. When I'm not working, if my daughter isn't around or is sleeping, I spend much of my time writing original fiction, containing characters (though I honestly hate calling them that--they're people, dammit) and a story I've had in my head for the last four years. It's evolved much from when it started and still isn't worked out completely, which is actually just ducky with me. I also spend time reading other people's original fiction and talking with them about our various worlds, and fucking around on GPX+, an online Pokemon game. Stories and writing are my true loves, and are not just hobbies but a lot of the time honestly the glue holding me together. I also have a few close friends who mean the world to me <3

More later! Maybe this daily meme I'll actually keep up with.

and lastly, one from Sara: )

I want to throw dirty diapers are the genius that wired this house. Breakers going off all over the place >:\


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