Aug. 15th, 2010

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  • 09:29:49: Lol aww, got charged for drinks at Cracker Barrel this time
  • 11:55:42: I hate that you can't change your username. I have 113,000+ tracks on the one I've had since 2006 -- DNW to start over ):
  • 12:48:14: I want to be in California right now for the WEATHER (along with my friends, of course). It's cooler there than here D: D:
  • 13:45:53: I want a new LJ profile...dunno where to find a code set. Will probably just make it in image-form.
  • 14:06:45: wanna do whatever--laugh until september
  • 14:18:09: I keep feeling like there is something IN MY EYE but the mirror tells me no. Gonna take 'em out like @mrbowers
  • 14:22:41: RT @mrbowers: Thanks to @gandolforf I have a new catch-phrase! "GONNA TAKE OUT MY EYEBALLS LIKE @mrbowers!" Let's get this trending, folks.
  • 14:47:39: REALLY should be working on my index, but...don't feel like it. Music and fucking around instead.
  • 15:19:57: Okay, so I'll work on the index. Maybe if I goal to get it half-finished instead of doing all of it. (Not like there's any SUPER BIG HURRY--
  • 15:21:38: --but it's annoying me that there are new fics that are not in the LIST in ORDER, so needs to be all finished soon.)
  • 15:22:39: Echofon, why are you not working??
  • 20:09:15: There! The story index is now UPDATED!

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