Aug. 22nd, 2010

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  • 11:33:11: Am bound and determined to write SOMETHING important today.
  • 12:23:58: Oh sweet, I just made Echofon black.
  • 12:26:23: Augh, nts: must put paint shop pro on this stupid laptop.
  • 12:33:16: Someone reply to me so I can see what the replies look like with this skin.
  • 13:49:02: Cats are the best.
  • 13:57:48: Which reminds me...I need to get a new backpack for the trip. Hoping to go with just carry-ons (no suitcases) this time to save moneys.
  • 14:21:15: RT @almightygod: The American Family Association is obsessed with anal sex:
  • 15:15:10: Okay, so that's over 1k words, but not likely to be something I'm going to finish today. Oh well, at least something's started for later.
  • 16:34:23: I suddenly want to watch M*A*S*H, hardcore. Maybe can watch some with Kelly and Geena too, if we have time :D
  • 17:06:37: RT @subluxated: Okay, Twitter. Let's see if we can do this. Need to rehome a solitary Siamese-type cat. Pref outdoor. All shots & spay. ...
  • 17:43:20: RT @subluxated: Details about cat needing a new home: Please RT.
  • 17:51:46:, one of Hawkeye's nudist magazines is called "The Bare Back News".
  • 20:57:07: Emmy is just now getting dinner at a barbeque with my mom. I hope they have fun with her tomorrow morning.
  • 22:06:27: RT @thejohnblog: My friend's daughter is missing. Please take a moment to look at this on how to help PLEASE RETWEET.

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