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  • 09:59:52: Well, that was fun. Not.
  • 14:07:25: ONE MORE HOUR!!
  • 16:00:20: Apparently the internet was down at home, but I'm on my way to the airport now
  • 16:54:43: At the airport!
  • 17:27:22: I warned my mom that emmy was gonna cry and she didn't believe me. Well...
  • 17:32:26: This airport is so hot D:
  • 18:20:53: Boarding tiems!
  • 18:29:01: On the plane~ (next to kind of a smelly guy. Oh well, i plan to sleep immediately.)
  • 20:36:48: On the ground in Denver
  • 20:39:34: Whee taxiing
  • 20:40:48: Hungry and must pee
  • 21:01:03: Guys I'm gonna ride the conveyer belt walks for an hour k
  • 21:03:47: PHONE > BELT! http://twitpic.com/2l00qp
  • 21:11:15: Since I have the better part of an hour to kill until my next flight I'm having Cantina Grill for dinner.
  • 21:24:52: I keep seeing this same couple with this adorablr baby...now they're next to me in the restaurant
  • 21:25:16: I said you'd call
  • 21:52:47: Food good. Done just in time to head back to gate~
  • 21:58:35: Almost ready to board for SAN JOSE
  • 22:03:03: Lol this girl keeps saying that San Jose is her "destiny" (instead of "destination").
  • 22:10:01: On the last plane for the day. Think I have this row to myself--yesss.
  • 22:14:23: Well fuck, my whole row is filled now ):
  • 22:16:45: The person in the middle is moving yay

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