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  • 00:38:56: GOD FINALLY
  • 00:51:52: Fuck going to work tomorrow.
  • 01:42:38: Home. Shower, bed, wake up long enough to call in, SLEEP. Idec that I'll be out my holiday pay. So freaking tired, there's no WAY--
  • 01:43:31: --I could do 10 hrs tomorrow. Also Illy wants to ~get~ my hair band Scout was all over.
  • 12:24:34: eff u, uterus
  • 13:12:36: I miss writing. GUYS WHERE ARE YOU
  • 13:45:35: Growing Number of Historians Believe Abraham Lincoln Was Gay - Abraham Lincoln is one of the most revered... http://tumblr.com/x55hwayky
  • 14:04:50: God, Tumblr. I had to go back 61 pages to catch up over the weekend?
  • 14:24:09: Sweet, 40mph winds. That, children, is why the house is a'rockin'.
  • 14:59:31: Goddamn I hate it when people lump Americans together. BECAUSE WE'RE ALL THE SAME. EVERY ONE. WE THINK THE SAME EXACT WAY, ALL OF US.
  • 17:16:33: I filled the car with gas and started it up, said, "Ahh, the car is happy now." Emmy said, "Listen to that baby purr!"
  • 17:26:50: I have The Lemonheads in my head. Listened to them with @subluxated and @sunsetsinthewes on Sunday. Mmm, The Lemonheads. So awesome.
  • 17:44:17: Narrator explains how the Enchantress made the prince into a Beast; how he had to earn the love of someone--but who would love a BEAST?--
  • 17:44:42: --Emmy looks up from her dinner, goes, "But he's still a person," and goes back to eating. <3
  • 19:31:30: D: No more Mediafire? That sucks.
  • 22:49:38: If your head explodes, you'll never make it as a doctor.

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