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2010-09-09 03:13 am

From Twitter 09-08-2010

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2010-09-08 03:10 am

From Twitter 09-07-2010

  • 00:38:56: GOD FINALLY
  • 00:51:52: Fuck going to work tomorrow.
  • 01:42:38: Home. Shower, bed, wake up long enough to call in, SLEEP. Idec that I'll be out my holiday pay. So freaking tired, there's no WAY--
  • 01:43:31: --I could do 10 hrs tomorrow. Also Illy wants to ~get~ my hair band Scout was all over.
  • 12:24:34: eff u, uterus
  • 13:12:36: I miss writing. GUYS WHERE ARE YOU
  • 13:45:35: Growing Number of Historians Believe Abraham Lincoln Was Gay - Abraham Lincoln is one of the most revered... http://tumblr.com/x55hwayky
  • 14:04:50: God, Tumblr. I had to go back 61 pages to catch up over the weekend?
  • 14:24:09: Sweet, 40mph winds. That, children, is why the house is a'rockin'.
  • 14:59:31: Goddamn I hate it when people lump Americans together. BECAUSE WE'RE ALL THE SAME. EVERY ONE. WE THINK THE SAME EXACT WAY, ALL OF US.
  • 17:16:33: I filled the car with gas and started it up, said, "Ahh, the car is happy now." Emmy said, "Listen to that baby purr!"
  • 17:26:50: I have The Lemonheads in my head. Listened to them with @subluxated and @sunsetsinthewes on Sunday. Mmm, The Lemonheads. So awesome.
  • 17:44:17: Narrator explains how the Enchantress made the prince into a Beast; how he had to earn the love of someone--but who would love a BEAST?--
  • 17:44:42: --Emmy looks up from her dinner, goes, "But he's still a person," and goes back to eating. <3
  • 19:31:30: D: No more Mediafire? That sucks.
  • 22:49:38: If your head explodes, you'll never make it as a doctor.

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2010-09-07 03:11 am

From Twitter 09-06-2010

  • 00:07:12: I have a line from a song a "wrote" in 8th grade stuck in my head.
  • 11:20:44: Mmm, breffast.
  • 15:10:55: Why are airports so hot??
  • 15:28:53: I like how I had to ~agree to terms~ before I was allowed to connect to the SJC wireless.
  • 15:29:26: But I AM glad I got to connect, because I still have almost an hour before I can board.
  • 15:35:24: God, I can't wait until I get to Denver. This airport is boring. Seriously.
  • 16:03:35: Getting ready to board for Denver!
  • 16:17:38: Full plane is full.
  • 18:44:30: On the ground in Denver. Saw a forest fire from the air--pics soon.
  • 19:25:06: Fiiiiiiire http://twitpic.com/2lz7nb
  • 19:30:04: I've got a bunch more on my phone card I'll post tomorrow probably. Ones from closer. Oh MAN was the smoke cloud huge.
  • 19:59:54: The servers at this restaurant are pissing me off. I've needed a refill for the last 20 minutes.
  • 20:04:06: God, finally. now I can finish my cold food.
  • 20:17:54: More forest fire in Colorado pics http://twitpic.com/2lznnd
  • 21:16:04: AUGH I cannot connect to the wifi in Denver
  • 21:45:49: So tired. Can't wait to be home.
  • 21:53:09: Way in the back on this tiny plane. Glad I'll most likely sleep again.

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2010-09-06 03:10 am

From Twitter 09-05-2010

  • 01:50:24: No one has ever seriously called me Mrs ):
  • 02:26:16: Sleeps tiem! Had a fun night with tea vodka, M*A*S*H., a walk in the cool air, and adorable aminals. Aww, Teddy and Scout <3
  • 02:26:42: (and my BFFs, which are not aminals. As far as I know. Which may not be very far--who's counting?)
  • 12:03:30: LOL Teddy's in the pool
  • 12:21:31: If anyone cares to know: yes, you can toast frozen bread.
  • 12:28:37: Lol I'm Tweeting in the future--Echofon shows my last one as "one minute from now".
  • 19:50:01: My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Chiodos (11), Blue Öyster Cult (10) and Jack's Mannequin (7) http://bit.ly/bweyWM
  • 23:53:19: LOL Teddy's snapping at the bubbles

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2010-09-05 03:09 am

From Twitter 09-04-2010

  • 00:45:46: On the ground in San Jose. Early!
  • 01:03:33: Epically picked up by @subluxated and @sunsetsinthewes
  • 01:44:31: My laptop hates Kelly ):
  • 02:11:55: So my body thinks it's 2 in the morning and still wants to be motion-sick, apparently
  • 10:33:10: SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON. ...later.
  • 10:50:24: DAMMIT can't log into Tumblr ): apparently I don't remember which email/password I used.
  • 10:56:43: In unsurprising news, flying over Denver/San Jose at night is a breathtaking and hideously beautiful sight.
  • 12:12:28: Looking out the dining room window and seeing palm trees and mountains = wtf
  • 13:36:30: At the Winchester Mystery House :D
  • 17:39:52: The Winchester Mystery House was pretty cool. Apparently it's REALLY HARD to find a gallon of tea in Almaden. And tea vodka! Success, though
  • 17:48:24: 788888888888888887
  • 17:48:25: 8
  • 17:50:21: ...that was me playing with Scout, evidently
  • 18:39:01: HAS TEQUILA ROSE
  • 23:23:14: Watching M*A*S*H with @subluxated and @sunsetsinthewes. And having tea vodka. Had daquiris earlier. Mmm, strawberry.

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2010-09-04 03:10 am

From Twitter 09-03-2010

  • 09:59:52: Well, that was fun. Not.
  • 14:07:25: ONE MORE HOUR!!
  • 16:00:20: Apparently the internet was down at home, but I'm on my way to the airport now
  • 16:54:43: At the airport!
  • 17:27:22: I warned my mom that emmy was gonna cry and she didn't believe me. Well...
  • 17:32:26: This airport is so hot D:
  • 18:20:53: Boarding tiems!
  • 18:29:01: On the plane~ (next to kind of a smelly guy. Oh well, i plan to sleep immediately.)
  • 20:36:48: On the ground in Denver
  • 20:39:34: Whee taxiing
  • 20:40:48: Hungry and must pee
  • 21:01:03: Guys I'm gonna ride the conveyer belt walks for an hour k
  • 21:03:47: PHONE > BELT! http://twitpic.com/2l00qp
  • 21:11:15: Since I have the better part of an hour to kill until my next flight I'm having Cantina Grill for dinner.
  • 21:24:52: I keep seeing this same couple with this adorablr baby...now they're next to me in the restaurant
  • 21:25:16: I said you'd call
  • 21:52:47: Food good. Done just in time to head back to gate~
  • 21:58:35: Almost ready to board for SAN JOSE
  • 22:03:03: Lol this girl keeps saying that San Jose is her "destiny" (instead of "destination").
  • 22:10:01: On the last plane for the day. Think I have this row to myself--yesss.
  • 22:14:23: Well fuck, my whole row is filled now ):
  • 22:16:45: The person in the middle is moving yay

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2010-09-03 03:09 am

From Twitter 09-02-2010

  • 13:26:55: Photo: stfuhomophobes: http://tumblr.com/x55hfp7yc
  • 17:07:35: Thanks to @TheAuthorGuy I can never see silica gel without thinking "SIMETHICONE, YOU BUTT NUGGET".
  • 17:08:56: RT @mrbowers: When asked how large tropical depression #Gaston was, authorities replied that it was "roughly the size of a barge."
  • 17:15:06: I must need to #takeoutmyeyeslikematthewbowers
  • 20:49:22: If you're going to beat up MY friend in MY bar there's a two drink minimum!

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2010-09-02 03:10 am

From Twitter 09-01-2010

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2010-09-01 03:09 am

From Twitter 08-31-2010

  • 11:02:57: ARGH.
  • 15:12:47: This day just gets better and better.
  • 17:09:39: This day hath surely sucked.
  • 18:27:21: ...Emmy's copy of Beauty And The Beast has a song in it I do NOT remember--"Human Again"? With all of the furniture dancing? Anyone?
  • 18:38:48: God, Gaston is SUCH an asshole
  • 18:41:28: Something I can never get over in Disney movies is how everyone JUST STARTS SINGING, especially when it's everyone together.
  • 18:42:05: I KNOW it's an animated film for children, but STILL.
  • 19:52:41: This weekend cannot come fast enough. (At least it's only three more days.)
  • 20:05:02: Made a VERY acceptable pizza with flour tortillas, cheddar cheese, mozzerella cheese, and turkey pepperoni. Will add more stuff next time.
  • 22:10:22: RT @ToyzforTechs: Useful tools and utilities: A post about some of the freeware utilities I use and have been proven to work for me. htt ...

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2010-08-31 03:10 am

From Twitter 08-30-2010

  • 06:16:53: RT @dealsplus: Win an #Apple Product Today! Just retweet this and follow @dealsplus to win. http://dealspl.us/giveaway/
  • 14:40:55: RT @dusted1: 1st day of preschool! http://twitpic.com/2jn2yv
  • 15:02:13: Had a dream someone made a post (on their own journal) that was supposed to be from my point of view, except it was all wrong. Of course.
  • 15:04:17: Later, I think, I am going to make a post about THINGS.
  • 15:04:35: and STUFF (almost forgot the STUFF)
  • 15:07:15: But for now, I'm going to go get Emmy and a backpack. For this weekend (no luggage fees plz). It'll work since I don't need my whole purse.
  • 15:09:24: (i HATE the word "purse". but it can't be rightly called a "bag". augh.)
  • 17:57:10: Got Turner & Hooch (and Half-Baked) at Wal-Mart for $5. I used to love the former when I was a kid.

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2010-08-30 03:10 am

From Twitter 08-29-2010

  • 09:01:32: True story: "Armageddon It" is the best wake-up/alarm song of all time. (Mom used to wake me up with it in the summer when I was 13/14.
  • 09:34:09: ARGH gpx+ isn't loading D: D:
  • 10:27:31: Listening to Tim McGraw and actually writing something
  • 18:14:05: I can't load something everyone else can. FRUSTRATING.
  • 18:50:07: My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Senses Fail (27), Fall Out Boy (20) and The Lemonheads (14) http://bit.ly/bweyWM

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2010-08-29 03:09 am

From Twitter 08-28-2010

  • 12:18:31: Remember the tweet about the number of questions the average four-year-old asks per day? Yeah... will be glad when Kelly and Geena--
  • 12:18:40: --are here and I can pawn her off on them sometimes D:
  • 12:35:38: Me: "See, I'm touching the sky." Dustin: "What guy?" Emmy: LOL
  • 12:55:44: When someone gets ready to send me an IM, Pidgin unfailingly alerts me...by telling me that I "feel a disturbance in the force". LOL WHAT
  • 13:22:19: ICE CREAM TRUCK. ...great, now that tune is going to be in my head for the rest of ever.
  • 13:22:44: Oh shit, it's actually a Blue Bunny van, not like...some local guy and a few Popsicles.
  • 13:27:54: RT @dictionarycom: Who is the “Tom” in “tomcat,” the name for male cats? Plus, you have a pack of dogs, but a “what” of cats? http://bit ...
  • 13:29:03: ...dammit, I knew it. There goes that Ice Cream Van song.
  • 16:47:42: Dustin found my ring, yay!
  • 20:57:42: People outside keep setting off fireworks.

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2010-08-28 03:20 am

From Twitter 08-27-2010

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2010-08-27 03:09 am

From Twitter 08-26-2010

  • 06:24:03: Woke up and put on my Angry Beavers hoody. Windows left open = cold in the morning. This week. WTF, Iowa.
  • 13:39:25: I can't tell if someone is being condescending...
  • 14:02:08: Dustin: "I'm using the assumption that most people tan naked."
  • 14:03:59: In other news, the weather is AWESOME today. Bit sunny for my tastes, but other than that? YES PLEASE. (Could also do with a little colder.)
  • 16:05:47: RT @dealsplus: Win an #Apple Product Today! Just retweet this & follow @dealsplus to win. http://dealspl.us/giveaway/
  • 16:12:17: My neck is FINALLY feeling better. Not 100%, but MUCH better than earlier. Would've sucked to fly like that.
  • 17:36:48: Preschool orientation in ~25 mins
  • 18:18:25: Lol this is basically one giant playroom
  • 21:18:03: Father Mulcahy: So, tell me about the midwest. I hear it's...flat...

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2010-08-26 03:09 am

From Twitter 08-25-2010

  • 17:33:00: True story: Every time I see "Terry" as a feminine name part of me (guess which part) goes "NOOOOO"

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2010-08-25 10:37 pm

i feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight!

[livejournal.com profile] askingxalice was asking~ (hurr) for the recipe for that Mexican Chicken Stew I made that was really good. It's in a book called The Complete Idiot's Guide to Slow Cooker Cooking, and it's delicious:

Mexican Chicken Stew

Prep time: >15 minutes
Minimum cooking time: 4 hours
Makes 4 servings


1 TB vegetable oil (I used olive oil)
1 large onion, peeled and diced
3 garlic cloves, peeled and minced
1/2 green bell pepper, seeds and ribs removed, finely chopped
1 TB chili powder
1 tsp ground cumin
4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 cup refridgerated commercial tomato salsa
1 (8 oz) can tomato sauce
1 (15 oz) can kidney beans, drained and rinsed
salt and black pepper to taste
cooked white or brown rice

Heat oil in a medium skillet over medium heat; add onion, garlic, and green bell pepper. Cook and stir for 3 minutes for until onion is transclucent. Stir in chili powder and cumin. Cook 1 minute, stirring constantly.

Scrape the mixture into the slow cooker. Add chicken (uncooked), salsa, tomato sauce, and kidney beans. Cook on low for 4 to 6 hours or on high for 2 to 3 hours. Season with salt and pepper, and serve over rice.
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2010-08-25 07:37 pm

moar tips: never eat yellow snow

Am I the only one that finds it hilarious that one of our ~tips~ on how to increase productivity when we start working from home is "have Jerry Springer on in the background"?

(need shiny for contest~)
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2010-08-25 03:11 am

From Twitter 08-24-2010

  • 05:27:42: Will my neck EVER STOP HURTING
  • 13:41:54: Training soon...god my neck is horrible. AUGH.
  • 20:18:47: So tired I had to fight to stay awake while driving back from Mom's. SLEEEEEP WHERE ARE YOU

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2010-08-24 03:10 am

From Twitter 08-23-2010

  • 16:39:46: ...huh. My mom came through. Oh well--extreme joy :D
  • 21:09:15: Wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince but my disc is missing D:
  • 22:11:05: Welly is nice as pie to humans but somewhat of a little bitch with the other cats.

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2010-08-23 05:23 pm

wired on indignation

Life works out sometimes.

Who knew?