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So, my baby is four years old today.


Today we:

~Had breakfast at The Machine Shed. Two servers sang a decidedly different birthday song to her, which she was less than pleased with, wanting the ORIGINAL "happy birthday to youuuuu" song and nothing else.
~Went to the mall to the Build-A-Bear workshop
~Made cereal treats (~*Cupcake*~ Pebbles marshmallow treats) to share with the kids at daycare
~Played at the park

half a dozen pictures, most of opening a present )

Today I:

~Sucked my cheek against the exposed nerve under one of my broken teeth and had paaaain during breakfast (good thing I carry acetaminophen, but omg ow)
~Got sticky marshmallow all over my hands
~Had a lot of difficulty staying awake (conked out while Emmy was at daycare for a couple of hours)
~Smashed my finger in a shopping cart
~Can't stop coughing still ):

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Okay, so I'm pretty sure I've got the flu. Fever (100.4), cough that tears at my throat and lungs and brings up tons of mucus, horrible body aches, pounding headache, nausea. I'm not stuffed up or sneezing, which makes me doubt it's a cold. I started getting phlegm in my throat yesterday at work, and started up with the cough last night. In the middle of the night I woke up freezing, and noticed my entire body hurt, mostly my legs. I huddled with Dustin to try and keep warm, and when my alarm went off I was like unnnnnggh. Came out to the living room, dressed, thought about how it wasn't just the initial "mannn I've got to wake up before six in the aldigyae morning" and that I really felt crappy, and made up my mind to call in sick to work. I feel bad, since there's a ton of shit to work on and I'm part of a project that's incredibly important to the company...but I would most likely just have to leave anyway, and I don't want to infect anyone else there. Plus the thought of going outside and driving made me feel gross.

I texted my mom to see if she can pick up Emmy from Pam's and keep her overnight so she doesn't get what I've got back. She's lethargic and whiny and says she feels ocky too, but she's been getting better and it would suck for her to get ill enough for a doctor trip. If Mom can't get Emmy I'll have to drive up and get her myself, which will also SUCK, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I had some generic tussin (which actually stopped the cough far better for her, Dustin, and myself than the name brands we usually buy), some acetaminophen, and a cup of hot tea. The cough isn't constant (yet), but oh god it fucking hurts. It hurts so much I don't want to breathe in fear of angering it. Tea is helping my throat, but doesn't do shit one for the chest pain, and each cough racks my headache again too. My neck and legs still hurt like all hell, and I'm both hot and cold. As soon as I take off the flannel shirt I have on over my t-shirt, I'm freezing. Put it back on, even open, too hot. Same with my fleece pyjama pants and even the thin little socks I have...and the thin blanket I was using to cover on the sofa after I called in to work. Emmy woke up a little after eight and is currently watching Dora and Diego while Dustin's run to the post office (I got one of those cards saying they had a package for me that was originally undeliverable [no one home to sign] and he's gone to see what it is/get it) and to the store. I have a can of low sodium chicken soup in the cupboard, which really just tastes like noodle water, but right now I don't even feel hungry. I ran a pot of water through the coffee maker so I've got hot water for tea ready and waiting, and my first cup is just about cool enough to sip.

(My mom just called me back and said my father and sister have pretty much the same symptoms I have, and she's going to try calling their doctor to see if he'll call in a script for me for the same stuff he gave them. I'm fairly confident they'll say no, that I have to come in and be seen, but it's worth a shot. She's going to get Emmy from Pam's and take her to their place, since she (Mom) is not sick and staying away from the two that are, and she can keep Emmy with her. Must remind Dustin to tell Pam that my mom's going to pick her up instead of one of us.)

If anyone's going to be around on AIM today, come talk to me! I'm just going to be sitting or lying down, and there's not a hell of a lot to do since music will make my head hurt and I doubt I can think enough to write. Distractions would be a+ today, seriously.


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