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Oh yeah, and I also had a dream that [livejournal.com profile] subluxate and I were driving around San Francisco when we saw half of a building collapse.

Not like, fall over, but it seemed to just...sink down. We parked and watched, and like ten seconds later emergency personnel were arriving and trying to get people out. Next door was an old pawn shop, though, so we decided to go in and see what we could find. (Because going into a building connected to one that sunk down into the ground is always a great idea.) Kelly found two white sandals that she liked and was looking at beads to possibly make necklaces/bracelets out of, and asked the guy how much they were. He said something like $27 dollars...each. I looked at the sandals she was holding, which had a $1.50 sticker each, and told her to make sure if it was $1.50 for the PAIR or EACH. She said she didn't want them either way, and went to wait for me by the door, I guess pretty irritated at the owner guy. I went to look at a pile of books and records...I flipped one over and was like "oh lol, that guy looks like Mark", and it was Dave Mustaine. (Which is dumb, because while Mark's favourite band is Megadeth, he looks nothing like Dave Mustaine. Except for the blond hairs and guitars, I guess?) I put that one down and looked at another, which turned out to be this REALLY RARE M*A*S*H book. The price tag was $40. I was like "Man...I don't even like MASH that much any more" (which is untrue--I like it just as much, I'm just obsessed with it almost not at all) but flipped through it anyway. I found some sort of article on how Loretta Swit was REALLY involved with Alan Alda, and the whole two-part episode with Hotlips and Hawkeye trapped and thinking it was clearly SEXYTIMES was NOT PRETEND. I was just like WTFever and tossed it back down. Kelly didn't want it either, not for forty fucking dollars.

Then there was a bunch of stuff about kids fighting, a huge elevator that liked to make people think it was going to fall and crash, and a maze in which we could always see windows to the outside, but never actually made it there.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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Man so I guess I have weird dreams in California, too.

The first time, I dreamed [livejournal.com profile] hi_falootin's Mike was living with someone with Down's Syndrome, and had to go to court to try to prove the relationship was consensual and okay. Rayn was his lawyer, Darcy the other attorney trying to press the incompetance of Down Syndrome guy. (Brain never gave me a name.) I think it was determined that the relationship was okay, and off they went.

The second one wasreally scary and creepy )

Thankfully, the shops, streets, and alleys that were all in this dream are also in my Iowa hometown. Yay! :\

So we're going to have pancakes this morning (blue ones, maybe?? :D) and then see about doing some other stuff. Golden Gate walking seems the most likely, and yay! BUT BUT I ONLY HAVE 463 PICTURES LEFT ON MY CAMERA. Note to self: bring moar batteries. I also woke up with a Matchbox 20 song in my head; the dream broken by the sound of water in pipes and if it's just that you're weak, we can talk about it. HOKAY. This bed in the guest room of Kelly's parents house is really comfy, except when I woke up at like five and had to use the bathroom, I came back and had to turn on the light and stand here and make the bed, because I somehow short-sheeted myself or something. One blanket was on the floor, the other two tangled and scattered from hell to breakfast.

Okay, now is time to get ready for brekkie and the day. I sure hope that giant robot from Monsters Vs. Aliens doesn't go a-bridge-destroyin while we're out there.
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...so I just had a sort-of nightmare?

I went to get [livejournal.com profile] sunsetsinthewes AND [livejournal.com profile] cueballex. I wondered if Kelly knew she had the exact same baldness pattern as her father. (okay...) When Geena walked in, she immediately began washing dishes, and I sat on a chair and talked to her while Kelly (who was a tall man...) kept staring at the contents of the fridge. I came back from Wal-Mart thinking I was getting pulled over because a cop car came rushing up behind me with flashing lights, but instead it turned and zoomed up the street past me. Things are jumbled up there...as is the case in dreams...but for some reason my brother was a cop, and when he and I were outside and I saw three other cops gun down two female bystanders, I just calmly got my bags out of the back of the car and headed up to the front door. The cops asked if I went to Wal-Mart every day, and I said something about WIC checks (which I have not gotten since Emmy was 1), offered to show them my receipts, and walked right in.

Then, I decided to move. SVU's ADA Alex Cabot was my real estate manager. She took me two rows back and showed me a trailer WITHIN a trailer, that had huuuge living rooms and bathrooms and bedrooms, hardwood floors, 8-burner gas ranges, mirrored surfaces...a palace? I was all giddy and happy about it, told her "If my husband doesn't want this place, I might file for divorce", then I looked out the window. Where the body of a woman was being dragged on the pavement behind a cop car, who was weaving around and leaving a trail of her blood and gore everywhere. I calmly walked back through the house, telling someone who was hurrying me along so my voice wouldn't be heard, "They're doing it so she can't be identified!!" I think it might've been Eric, but it might've been Dustin too. For a moment I was a guy who was going to attempt getting out of here and getting help, and had to go right past the cops who were worrying over what to do with the other body, hidden behind some garbage cans. He gave them some sob story about how he had to find his girlfriend because he loved her but she was looking at another guy, and they let him pass.

Back in my own house, both of my parents were watching Emmy, who was sitting on the floor on red and green rugs, staring at a mini-Christmas Tree while my sister was getting ready to hang stockings. I started telling my mom about this amazing trailer we might move into. She had an eyebrow piercing, one of those bars (she does not) and was all "LOL AWESOME". I called Geena and Kelly, who were apparently staying across the street, and asked them to come over, but Kelly said...I forget what she said. The basic answer was no. Then my dad started complaining about Steven Tyler, who was getting tons of publicity (duh). Eric was on the floor with some maps and said, "You know, the storms are going to just continue into the 21st century" and I wanted to tell him to shut his everlasting mouth. (I do not enjoy apocolyptic talk, not when it concerns me.) He asked what was so bad about Steven Tyler except he was old, and my dad was all, "He stabbed that 74-year-old man!" and then began singing along with Aerosmith, since we were then at a concert. In the crowd there were lots of pictures of people with red Xs drawn across pictures of old people, and several young women (early 20s) with "RATE ME!!" signs, who were bouncing up and down and pulling up their shirts.

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Ugh god so I just spent like 20 minutes trying to sew up the leg of one of my favourite pairs of jeans...frustrating. I hate sewing. Especially since I pricked myself with the needle twice, once on the pad of my index finger and owww. No blood or anything, since I've got wondrous callouses all over my hands, but it still hurt ): At least I can probably wear these jeans to work now. I think they frown on your pants being ripped most of the way up to your knee. I used to just safety-pin them and call it good, but I was always afraid I'd go to flop on the sofa, the pin would come undone and cheerily stab me like no other.

I also think I had a stress/axiety dream about the California trip in Februray. Geena and I were talking a little about it last night, and then I dreamed my usual "OMFG SCARY, AM NERVOUS NAO" dream. That I kept forgetting things, including where and when I was supposed to be somewhere. First, I forgot my luggage, and was begging my father to buy a ticket so he could ~run it out to me~. I got to Chicago (which I am not even going to now, just Moline --> Denver --> San Jose, and back again) and found Geena on a bus and sat with her, but then our bus was raided and we had to all pile out the back. I don't remember who raided it or why. Then I was back home and trying to get my things together, and couldn't remember what time the next plane was supposed to be leaving. I was all, "Oh well, my parents know, they'll tell me" and didn't consult anything (which irl, I'd have the itinerary glued to my FOREHEAD). Then finally I did, and realized the plane was scheduled to take off from Chicago in two hours. It's about three hours from here to O'Hare. I started yelling for my parents and begging them can we leave now please and they were like "we won't make it there in time no matter what!" "we can HURRY, maybe the plane will be delayed". Then I forgot my boarding pass/information. I don't remember if dream!me was able to make the departure or not, because then I was part of a gang of young'ins running through a forest from something. I think something we just did, though I don't remember what. We saw a car being pulled over by a cop, and it was one of our buddies. One of us distracted the cop by screaming off to the side as if in pain or fright, and our buddy was able to escape. The cop caught us though, and gave us a strict talking-to, and then gave us the chance to ~come clean~ about our crime. On the spur of the moment, I lied for everyone. We were let go, then I was at some house I've never seen before, hanging out with Geena's mother. She was knitting and kept asking me if I wanted coffee cake. Instead, I got on my computer and started writing a story about Johnny Corlioni being pissed off at Vito and Gino, though he kept repeatedly referring to them as twins.

At least two of you can probably guess exactly where all of that came from, so.

Now I'm going to go eat the rest of my breakfast from yesterday and try to write. My own story, this time.
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also, I do still have dragons and pokemons

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Took a two hour nap that I was still so tired after that it took an extra half hour to get out of bed. I did get a bit of writing done today and I'll have time for some tomorrow, so that's good. I had a dream that someone kept asking me when my due date was, and I was all "UMMM I'M NOT PREGNANT". Pretty sure she kept saying it just to annoy me. Bitch.


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