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I made a community! Mostly for my writerly friends, for the characters/people that live in our heads :D

[livejournal.com profile] headpeople

Join up if you feel like sharing odds and ends about your own, and getting to know others! Membership is modded, but as long as you're not a creeper, you're in :)
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Whoo, four hours of sleep. I was up until after one, mostly because I thought maybe, just maybe, [livejournal.com profile] lilenth could be reasoned with. Nope! I saw I had another comment from her this morning, but deleted it without reading. I have more important shit to do than talk in circles because some dipshit has communication/comprehension problems and is too arrogant and obtuse to realise/admit they're wrong. Some people are just persecuted by the masses, u guiz
(Though like I told Kelly, I was having fun bonding with her and [livejournal.com profile] kiptripsyc over the massive fail we were collectively witnessing. It's terribly frustrating to spell a notion out to the exact letter and watch someone repeatedly Not Get It, but it was also hilarious. <3 you guys)

Emmy's watching Wonderpets for the first time in...weeks, at least. I was thinking she didn't like them anymore, which would have truly been sad--they have awesome songs, okay. It's also not terribly hot today, same yesterday, so I'm thinking tomorrow it'll probably be a billion degrees with a hundred and forty seven percent humidity. Having to be at work an extra half-hour because of our new mandatory unpaid meal breaks sucks, though today I started listening to It, and the huge huge long almost teal deer intros to each of the main characters passed most of the time. I was really pissed for about two hours because I had to move to someone else's station so someone else could use mine, as clients were visiting, and the one I had to sit at had an entirely different keyboard, which I loathed. The screen was also lower, which meant I had to crane my neck all around, and my neck and back really started to hurt after like ten minutes. And, of course, it took me a week and a half to log into the fucking system, and because we only have that half-hour break, the time it took for the system to accept my passwords and such counted against my productivity. Argh.

I'm still so far behind on reading...I've skimmed most of the stuff I've seen posted, but I haven't had time (even before my exercise in futility last night) to read thoroughly and comment yet, so I'll save it for when I can give something other than "I RED DIS". I've written a few things, but they're not ready to be posted yet. I'd really like to get this one piece I started months ago finished, but it seems like every time I open it, the characters involved go "BRB READING WAR AND PEACE. IN BRAILLE~" or something. TRUST ME YOU GUYS, YOU WANT TO FINISH THIS SCENE. (Of course, they have no trouble whatsoever going through it in my head while I'm a work and can't write anything down, jerks)

Here are some other thoughts:

~ ...the Wonderpets are putting oil on a dinosaur.
~ Mmm, cashews
~ Quizno's > Subway. Not in nutrition/weight loss capabilities, but definitely in taste.
~ I was going to buy moar tea vodka, but then I didn't. THIS WEEKEND, THOUGH
~ No more bird sightings in the house (SO FAR THIS WEEK). I figure two in twenty minutes is about the limit I can deal with for another five years. Yes, yes, at least they weren't bats...
~ I tried to clip Welly's claws last night, but some of them are like...splintering? Peeling? Idk :\ She didn't seem like they were bothering her, but I don't speak cat.
~ I almost seriously want to get a bb gun for the guys across the street that come rolling up with the bass in their speakers rattling my monitor on my desk. REALLY, YOU GUYS??
~ AND SEMAGIC ISN'T WORKING FOR POSTING arrr I hate using the "post entry" box.

Imma go put on a pizza for me and Emmy's dinner--last night I forgot to eat dinner and have only eaten a small frozen meal (turkey/cornbread stuffing/apples), so...idc, I'm eating pizza. And, um, broccoli. Yes.
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"I hate it when you lie to me," she said simply.

"I didn't lie, Liz! For God's sake!"

"Sometimes people lie just by being quiet."

"I was going to tell you anyway," he said. "I was only trying to find my way to it."

But was that true? Was it really? He didn't know. It was weird shit, crazy shit, but that wasn't the reason he might have lied by silence. He had felt the urge to be silent the way a man who has observed blood in his stool or felt a lump in his groin might feel the urge to be silent. Silence in such cases is irrational...but fear is also irrational.

And there was something else: he was a writer, an imaginer. He has never met one--including himself--who has more than the vaguest idea of why he or she did anything. He sometimes believed that the compulsion to make fiction was no more than a bulwark against confusion, maybe even insanity. It was a desperate imposition of order by people able to find that precious stuff only in their minds...never in their hearts.

Inside him, a voice whispered for the first time: Who are you when you write, Thad? Who are you then?

And for that voice, he had no answer.

--Stephen King
"The Dark Half"

Just a little quote I wanted to share, along with this question for my writerly friends: Do you find that when you're depressed, your characters, your stories, go away? I don't just mean the lack of inspiration and motivation to actually write them, I mean the part of the characters, the people, that live in your head. Are they gone, or silent, when things build up in your head to a point?

I know sometimes my guys won't shut up so that there are five or six different scenarios/story arcs going on at the exact same time, things I can hear and see (in my head, not physically). But sometimes, even when I need them and call to them, they're...blocked? They can't get to me, or I can't reach them, through the tangled mess that is everything else. I know there are different levels of writer's block...the type under which you still write, but think everything you write is shit. The type where you know what you want to write, know what happens in the story, but simply cannot get started, and there's the type where no one, no characters/people/stories is coming. They're either not doing anything, or they're not there. I'm having trouble saying what I mean, I guess, but to those of you that write, I get the feeling you'll already know what I mean.

So. What do you guys think?
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This meme! Because I want to. PLEASE?!

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your flist to post questions in the comments. For example: 'One, nine and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?', 'Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?', 'Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?'

3) After your flist has asked enough questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

Everyone on the list is from Three Dimensions, and for those of you that don't know it--a bunch of them are related, okay, so keep that in mind. (But some aren't, and some are involved, so have at it, I guess.)

I need to catch up with that writing meme. Later.


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18428 / 50000 words. 37% done!


(not me, because i am not ahead at all, but I AM AT LEAST ON SCHEDULE which counts, okay)
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13506 / 50000 words. 27% done!

WHEW I thought I was going to end up TOTALLY BEHIND, since I didn't write in that story all day yesterday or today. I only started today after we got back from taking Emmy to my mom's. Not ahead or anything now, but at least I'm caught up. I got all emo about it earlier, telling myself it was a really stupid and lame story, and even if I did finish it no one would want to read it because it's so retarded, but I guess that's not the point? I think I know at least two people that'll read it regardless of its quality, and the most important thing to me is that I'm trying to get it all done in the set NaNoWriMo time. I have no idea if the story will be finished at 50k words (it's this far in so far and the real big action hasn't even started yet), but as long as I can get that many words by 30 November, I'll be happy. I might see if I can challenge myself personally to continue the daily wordcounts into December if that'll get it finished. I told myself I'd write until ten and hope I'd make it, and I did, so that works out. Dustin's watching M*A*S*H and chortling, so I'll have to see which ep is on.

I have a bit of a headache from having to have my headphones on since he was watching TV and it was distracting, but hopefully I'll sleep well since there's ten hours tomorrow. I have to stop at the store before I go get Emmy to take my mom more yarn for those turkey dealys, but I still hope to be home in time to get my wordcount for tomorrow. I'm trying to tell myself to not worry about how stupid the story is, just to get it DOWN and then there's later for editing. I'm going to try to not even go back through it again, maybe just the last few paragraphs to remember where I was but not the whole thing, until it's either finished or very close. I have my notes for the plot, and my ideas for things that are going to happen. I won't be too upset if I don't finish it, since my goal was to try it, but now that I am trying, and even caught up two days' worth in a few hours, I want to be determined to actually finish. We'll see what happens.
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AUGH so my car wouldn't start when I got out of work. Good thing Dustin put that travel power-pack dealy in my front passenger seat, so I could jump the battery myself instead of having to call someone or go back inside and ask for someone. (With the way I was parked, it would've been incredibly hard anyway.) He said he thinks there might be a loose fuel line or something, but since it cranks a little, then stops, and roars to life when I got the jumper cables on, I'm wondering if it's the battery. I just got a new one a little bit ago, so hopefully it's still under warranty. IDK IDK.

More overtime for the rest of the week. THERE HAD BETTER NOT BE SATURDAY. It's already just about Emmy's bedtime when we get home, and with trying to do NaNo and other shit, I just don't have time for anything. I barely have time to shower, and the dishes haven't been done in...well, I'm eating with a plastic fork. Maybe I can get my mom to come clean up for me ): At least I'm still trying to eat healthy--had Carnation Instant Bitch Breakfast this morning, since I couldn't find my oatmeal bowl (it slid under the front seat in the car, have it now), a thing of Soup To Go or whatever it's called for lunch, and yoghurt for a snack. Steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and a bit of canned white meat chicken for dinner. I was all pissed off about the car and almost stopped for cheeseburgers on the way home, but remembered I only had a little bit of veggies left, and they were gonna go bad. Mmm, basil. Now I need more cauli. And broccoli and carrots. Will try to stop at the store on the way home tomorrow...or I'll just make brown rice in my cooker and like...I don't know, mash up some beans. Beans are pretty good, yeah? I tore some more recipes out of a magazine, mostly for soup. SOUP IS GOOD FOOD.

Emmy is watching Fern Gully and I've got to turn it off and get her into jammies. Maybe today will be a backwards NaNo day, where I go over what I've done so far and edit it, before adding more. There's no way I could post it now--it's so rough and fast and...bleh. Suppose I should just pound out the story first, then go back and edit, but it's bugging me. I kept remembering shit today at work that I need to go back and add in, or fix.

If I can get going and finish the word count for today, I'll drudge up some music. I'm thinking of starting to do a Song Of The Day sort of deal. (And I haven't forgotten about doing the 50 Top Artists thing either, that just takes more time because it requires more thought, explaining why I love my favourite bands and which songs I think are the best, versus just popping out one song link.) OKAY NOW TO GET EMMY SQUARED AWAY AND OPEN UP WORD.


7919 / 50000 words. 16% done!

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6006 / 50000 words. 12% done!

Time to stop for the night. OH GOD THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE HOURS IN THE DAY. 12 hours of work tomorrow too. It's just about Emmy's bedtime when we get home on those days ):

Tomorrow I need to eat my broccoli, gdi.
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2257 / 50000 words. 5% done!

I reached a good stopping place, and am very pleased! I was just hoping for 1700, and for the longest time it looked like it was going to be under 900, but then I...I had some tea and it started flowing? No seriously. Man do I love me some strawberry and raspberry tea. I put some water in the coffeemaker so I can take tea to work with me tomorrow. I even ordered some on adaigo.com that someone recommended to me forever ago. YAY TEA.


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I think we just possibly have the stupidest mice in the world.

I mean, seriously. How many mice do you really see RUN DIRECTLY INTO THE CAT. He is not Tom and you are not Jerry, and he is going to win.

I was getting Emmy ready for bed in the bathroom when I see a small furry streak zip out from under the bathroom cabinet and behind the toilet. I yanked Emmy out into the hall and opened the bedroom door, where we stash Ily while we're eating (since he won't stop for hell or high water when someone has food). He was anxiously waiting there to be released, so I grabbed him and tossed him over by the tub. The mouse was in the corner, so he didn't see it, and tried to run out. I grabbed him and tossed him back. After the third time, he just looked at me like "what in the FUCK is your problem?" He was lying/crouching down and watching me...and I see the mouse come out and apparently try to go UNDER him. He feels it, and then snatches it. I tell Emmy to wait in her room since she's lingering in the hallway and making whiny sounds, then keep an eye on Ily, who's biting it and repeatedly catching it when it tries to make another break for it. It's a resilient little fucker, but Ily's really playing with it more than anything else. He gets it to the point where it can't really run, and I grab the glass container we usually keep Q-Tips in (which was empty), and bring it down over the mouse, then find a piece of cardboard (the back cover off a notebook was the first thing I found) to stick under it, to take it out to the trash bin. I told Ily he was a good boy lots of times and petted him, then gave him a slice of turkey lunchmeat for a treat (and because we're out of cat food and I couldn't stop at the store on the way home from work since I had Emmy and she's getting sick again).

So yeah. Score another point for the cat. That's at least three mice he's gotten so far, all within the last couple of weeks.

In other news, I may have figured out today how my NaNo is going to end!! I need to find someone to talk it over with, and write down more notes, and there needs to be a lot more details (reasons why one of the very main characters won't be present even though he should be, for one), but it feels good! I WAS GETTING WORRIED. Also need moar notes for the possible co-write. Good thing the weekend is coming and we were promised no work Saturday--it can all be prep.
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So tomorrow I am probably getting this. KIND OF AWESOME, HUH? After the 2-year agreement and mail-in rebate, it's going to be $130. Which is still a little pricey, but better than $400 amirite. I've wanted one with a keyboard forever, and the ability to have internet and shit. Some of the reviews complain about the lack of battery life, but that's what US Cellular's Battery Swap is for. Hopefully going tomorrow to look at it, hold it and play around with it and ask questions to the salesperson instead of just looking a picture and reading online reviews. There's also this one, which is only $50 after rebates, but has a less awesome camera and doesn't apper to have a web browser or anything like that. I'll have to pay more for a mobile internet plan, but...I kind of want one. And due to all the overtime, I can afford it. I've pretty much never actively wanted a phone or a new one before, so this is kind of exciting. It's not really the ~calling people~ I want it for, anyway. I can do video clips with it too, it says, which will be fun with Emmy.

I had an idea for a story today, and me and Kelly are going to try to co-write it. Spent a few hours coming up with characters and plot, and it looks pretty good so far! I'm pretty excited about it, and there's a possibility of trying it for NaNo. I was considering doing an AU for my main story for it, but who knows if I'll be able to, if there's so much more overtime coming. I was telling Kelly that I'm more productive as a writer when I have someone else to bounce off of, to write in response to, so we're thinking about it! I hope we at least have a go at writing it, if not for NaNo than just for the hell of it, because maybe it could be a good story? Stay tuned!

Also, I have vodka and Hawaiian Punch. I usually have juice, but who would've thought the Lemon Berry Squeeze has less sugar than cran-raspberry? NOT ME, THAT'S WHO.


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