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A couple of memes, one each from Kelly, Geena, and Sara:

the one nabbed from Kelly: )

a GREAT DETAIL meme nabbed from Geena: )

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

Hi, I'm...Amy, and I'm...here. I just turned twenty-five, I live in Iowa, I've been married for seven years, and I have a four-year-old. I spend six to ten hours a day working data entry; soon I'm to be working from home, though my employers are still trying to hash out the details. When I'm not working, if my daughter isn't around or is sleeping, I spend much of my time writing original fiction, containing characters (though I honestly hate calling them that--they're people, dammit) and a story I've had in my head for the last four years. It's evolved much from when it started and still isn't worked out completely, which is actually just ducky with me. I also spend time reading other people's original fiction and talking with them about our various worlds, and fucking around on GPX+, an online Pokemon game. Stories and writing are my true loves, and are not just hobbies but a lot of the time honestly the glue holding me together. I also have a few close friends who mean the world to me <3

More later! Maybe this daily meme I'll actually keep up with.

and lastly, one from Sara: )

I want to throw dirty diapers are the genius that wired this house. Breakers going off all over the place >:\

April n00bz

Apr. 1st, 2010 06:18 pm
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Child has evidently learned the great truth that is April Fool's Day.

I get to my mother-in-law's to pick her up, and she blasts me with, "HEY MOMMY...THERE'S A LADYBUG ON YOUR SHIRT."

My tank top has several small thread designs and little wooden beads on it. THERE COULD VERY WELL BE AN ASIAN BEETLE (which she still calls ladybugs) ON IT, since they are pretty much EVERYWHERE from April until November.

So I'm like, "What? No there's not! There better not b--"


She then proceeded to go through the rest of the people in the house. "HEY MISSY, THERE'S A BUBBLE ON YOUR NOSE APRIL FOOLS LOLOLOL"; "HEY GRANDMA THERE'S A LADYBUG ON YOUR GLASSES" "oh awesome, I love ladybugs~" "....LOL APRIL FOOLS!" She tried to ~fool~ Papa (Dustin's sort-of stepdad, Missy's father) with "THERE'S A LADYBUG ON YOUR HEAD", but he chose that moment to display a handful of dead Asian beetles he'd picked up off the carpet and go "LOL IN MY HAND TOO". Emmy went, "....AHH D:" and ran into the kitchen, then turned around and called "APRIL FOOLS LOLOLOLOLOL"

We're taking her to her first Easter egg hunt this Saturday, at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport--supposedly they have like 35,000 eggs or something, in four or five separate fields (I think four are for age groups, and one for special needs kids). So hopefully there will be pictures :D


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