Mar. 17th, 2010

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  • 12:53 Only 5 more hours to work...good thing they shut the water off so we can't use the bathroom :D
  • 16:28 ...I saw a picture of john stamos in a magazine and now I can't get the Full House theme out of my head
  • 18:23 @kiptripsyc Did you decide who gets the tablet?
  • 19:50 I'm so tired I feel like utter shit. Will soak in another hot bath, then fall asleep on the sofa with The Simpsons or SVU. Either is good.
  • 20:03 Seriously, bath salts? You're going to adhere to the surface of the tub? Okay...I've always wanted to get my ass scraped by lavender & lilac
  • 20:13 Had to get out of the bath to take care of a bug emergency with Emmy. (Ladybug/Asian beetle in her bed.)
  • 21:03 I also got all of my California pics sized and uploaded, but I haven't been able to post them yet. Maybe tomorrow night.
  • 21:03 @cueballex @sarcasticsra So I keep reading "California" as "Corlioni"...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME
  • 21:31 Wow. I actually have a really good credit score.
  • 21:59 I kind of wish I had a business of which my slogan could be "I told you not to flush that".
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  • 16:10 They put out some green fruits and veggies for St. Patrick's and I'm trying to eat some melon but it is cold and FUCKING OW all over my ...
  • 16:12 All over my teeth, of course :( I'm also all stuffed up sinusy
  • 20:04 O4Y76TI84EHTIO;AE
  • 20:46 ...why can NO ONE spell my last name right lately? I just got an "Oklsen". THAT PERSON DIDN'T EVEN SEE MY HANDWRITING, I SENT TEXT.
  • 20:46 I have a broken taste bud and it's annoying the everloving SHIT out of me.
  • 22:30 12 hours daily for the rest of the week. I-am-paying-for-plane-tickets, I-am-paying-for-plane-tickets. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  • 22:31 Well, as soon as I buy them. Should have tonight but FRUSTRATED with life. Should get them tomorrow, since one flight had only 6 seats left.
  • 23:06 @amazonqueenkate I did know that! Some of my reviews have been up for months XD
  • 23:10 @amazonqueenkate I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I NOW HAVE NO ROOM FOR THEM ALL.
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