Mar. 31st, 2010

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So today I read in the local newspaper that one of the guys charged in a shooting last year was kidnapped, severely beaten, and left for dead.

McFarland was scheduled to be sentenced March 25 in Clinton County District Court after pleading guilty to a charge stemming from a 2008 shooting incident at a mobile home park near DeWitt, Iowa.

My husband's father, stepmother, and two younger sisters live in DeWitt. In that mobile home park. When the shooting occurred (some guys in a car, firing into a trailer from it), his little sister Danielle was in her bedroom folding her laundry. Did I mention they live right next door, on the next lot, like thirty feet away from the trailer that was being fired into? Yeah.

Small towns in Iowa, huh?
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  • 05:30 It's supposed to be 75 today and 80 tomorrow. Yeah...hi spring bye spring.
  • 16:25 Ugh.
  • 19:51 Augh, fucking computer. Drivers suddenly missing >:\
  • 20:22 It feels almost hot in here. I hate fucking spring.
  • 20:32 Now I have to stay up for another three and a half hours for an eBay thing. Or I can just let myself be outbid...
  • 20:32 Being competitive on eBay is probably not a good idea...
  • 20:33 Dustin has to work until 3AM so I can't even ask him to wake me when he gets home...
  • 20:36 I hate it when people say "Hee". I always want to add "Haw".
  • 21:55 Now I'm just tempting fate.
  • 21:58 I'm raising bids on shit I don't even want/will get elsewhere for much cheaper, just so other people who outbid me will have to pay more.
  • 22:06 @stephenfry LOL true...
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