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Ugh god so I just spent like 20 minutes trying to sew up the leg of one of my favourite pairs of jeans...frustrating. I hate sewing. Especially since I pricked myself with the needle twice, once on the pad of my index finger and owww. No blood or anything, since I've got wondrous callouses all over my hands, but it still hurt ): At least I can probably wear these jeans to work now. I think they frown on your pants being ripped most of the way up to your knee. I used to just safety-pin them and call it good, but I was always afraid I'd go to flop on the sofa, the pin would come undone and cheerily stab me like no other.

I also think I had a stress/axiety dream about the California trip in Februray. Geena and I were talking a little about it last night, and then I dreamed my usual "OMFG SCARY, AM NERVOUS NAO" dream. That I kept forgetting things, including where and when I was supposed to be somewhere. First, I forgot my luggage, and was begging my father to buy a ticket so he could ~run it out to me~. I got to Chicago (which I am not even going to now, just Moline --> Denver --> San Jose, and back again) and found Geena on a bus and sat with her, but then our bus was raided and we had to all pile out the back. I don't remember who raided it or why. Then I was back home and trying to get my things together, and couldn't remember what time the next plane was supposed to be leaving. I was all, "Oh well, my parents know, they'll tell me" and didn't consult anything (which irl, I'd have the itinerary glued to my FOREHEAD). Then finally I did, and realized the plane was scheduled to take off from Chicago in two hours. It's about three hours from here to O'Hare. I started yelling for my parents and begging them can we leave now please and they were like "we won't make it there in time no matter what!" "we can HURRY, maybe the plane will be delayed". Then I forgot my boarding pass/information. I don't remember if dream!me was able to make the departure or not, because then I was part of a gang of young'ins running through a forest from something. I think something we just did, though I don't remember what. We saw a car being pulled over by a cop, and it was one of our buddies. One of us distracted the cop by screaming off to the side as if in pain or fright, and our buddy was able to escape. The cop caught us though, and gave us a strict talking-to, and then gave us the chance to ~come clean~ about our crime. On the spur of the moment, I lied for everyone. We were let go, then I was at some house I've never seen before, hanging out with Geena's mother. She was knitting and kept asking me if I wanted coffee cake. Instead, I got on my computer and started writing a story about Johnny Corlioni being pissed off at Vito and Gino, though he kept repeatedly referring to them as twins.

At least two of you can probably guess exactly where all of that came from, so.

Now I'm going to go eat the rest of my breakfast from yesterday and try to write. My own story, this time.


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