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↓ 30lbs

20 more and Dustin will buy me a new ring :D
one that WON'T fall off my finger every time I move my hand

But still, this is good :D
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Goal: To lose 25 more lbs (for a 50lb total) before I go to California (Feb 18 '10).

Can I do it? Probably not. Should I try? Yes. With hours looking as if they might start going down, I'll be able to get on the treadmill. I've been steady at 25lb lost for the past couple of weeks...good that it's not backtracking, but no new progress, either. I dislike this overtime so for so many reasons. Of course "the monies" isn't one of them, especially with Christmas. Ohgod I've spent so much already on gifts for birthdays and Christmases. The OT makes that happen reasonably, without putting myself into debt. (Just shrinking my savings a bit.)

ALSO YOU GUYS if you wanted Christmas cards, PLEASE SEND ME A PM WITH YOUR ADDRESS. I asked a little bit go, but I guess either no one saw or...no one wants a pink card? (I had to go and let Emmy choose them...) Well if you do, please let me know where to send one. You should also send it if you'd like a little Christmas gift (I want to send gifts, okay. And it's just something little, so ADDRESS ME).

I got up to get a water and then to go to the bathroom, and I forgot my water bottle in the bathroom ):
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AUGH so my car wouldn't start when I got out of work. Good thing Dustin put that travel power-pack dealy in my front passenger seat, so I could jump the battery myself instead of having to call someone or go back inside and ask for someone. (With the way I was parked, it would've been incredibly hard anyway.) He said he thinks there might be a loose fuel line or something, but since it cranks a little, then stops, and roars to life when I got the jumper cables on, I'm wondering if it's the battery. I just got a new one a little bit ago, so hopefully it's still under warranty. IDK IDK.

More overtime for the rest of the week. THERE HAD BETTER NOT BE SATURDAY. It's already just about Emmy's bedtime when we get home, and with trying to do NaNo and other shit, I just don't have time for anything. I barely have time to shower, and the dishes haven't been done in...well, I'm eating with a plastic fork. Maybe I can get my mom to come clean up for me ): At least I'm still trying to eat healthy--had Carnation Instant Bitch Breakfast this morning, since I couldn't find my oatmeal bowl (it slid under the front seat in the car, have it now), a thing of Soup To Go or whatever it's called for lunch, and yoghurt for a snack. Steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and a bit of canned white meat chicken for dinner. I was all pissed off about the car and almost stopped for cheeseburgers on the way home, but remembered I only had a little bit of veggies left, and they were gonna go bad. Mmm, basil. Now I need more cauli. And broccoli and carrots. Will try to stop at the store on the way home tomorrow...or I'll just make brown rice in my cooker and like...I don't know, mash up some beans. Beans are pretty good, yeah? I tore some more recipes out of a magazine, mostly for soup. SOUP IS GOOD FOOD.

Emmy is watching Fern Gully and I've got to turn it off and get her into jammies. Maybe today will be a backwards NaNo day, where I go over what I've done so far and edit it, before adding more. There's no way I could post it now--it's so rough and fast and...bleh. Suppose I should just pound out the story first, then go back and edit, but it's bugging me. I kept remembering shit today at work that I need to go back and add in, or fix.

If I can get going and finish the word count for today, I'll drudge up some music. I'm thinking of starting to do a Song Of The Day sort of deal. (And I haven't forgotten about doing the 50 Top Artists thing either, that just takes more time because it requires more thought, explaining why I love my favourite bands and which songs I think are the best, versus just popping out one song link.) OKAY NOW TO GET EMMY SQUARED AWAY AND OPEN UP WORD.


7919 / 50000 words. 16% done!



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