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I just wanted to show off this picture of Emmy I took while we were at the park today. It'll show up later when my Tweets get copied to my journal, but I thought this turned out really well.

Her haaaaairs :D

(Also yes, she can use a regular swing now, but this particular park only has three baby swings and one for use by handicapped kids. Lucky for her she still fits in the baby swings.)
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(omfg my hand looks sooo weird. I'm blaming that on the angle. My thumb is really not gigantic and my fingers are not super-short, wtf
OKAY I had to take another picture of my hand. But there's also Finey, so. aeltyasei IT STILL LOOKS WEIRD. It doesn't look like that when I LOOK at my hand, just in the pictures... D:)

I totally love little reptile figurines XD FOR PROOF HERE IS ONE OF MY SHELVES:

And I also have these little guys, who don't have a place on a shelf yet (and can't stay here, or cats/child will get them):

They were called "sandbags".

CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY WERE ONLY $1.99 IN A ZOO GIFT SHOP. I seriously would have expected like, at least $5.99. I got the lizard and turtle, and Emmy got a sparkly elephant Dustin tried repeatedly to get her to name "Elephanty". I also got a shirt, but it's just grey with the lines of a tiger face and says NIABI ZOO MOLINE ILLINOIS or something like that.

ALSO ALSO I've got some really good pics from the zoo yesterday, but today I'm really going to try to WRITE because I miss my guys soooo much. Dustin's off at Riverboat Days to see life-size Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots; I gave the camera to him, to get pictures, which is why these pictures suck--my phone camera doesn't have a flash, and apparently likes to get really blurry. It's a great camera when you're outside!
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So, my baby is four years old today.


Today we:

~Had breakfast at The Machine Shed. Two servers sang a decidedly different birthday song to her, which she was less than pleased with, wanting the ORIGINAL "happy birthday to youuuuu" song and nothing else.
~Went to the mall to the Build-A-Bear workshop
~Made cereal treats (~*Cupcake*~ Pebbles marshmallow treats) to share with the kids at daycare
~Played at the park

half a dozen pictures, most of opening a present )

Today I:

~Sucked my cheek against the exposed nerve under one of my broken teeth and had paaaain during breakfast (good thing I carry acetaminophen, but omg ow)
~Got sticky marshmallow all over my hands
~Had a lot of difficulty staying awake (conked out while Emmy was at daycare for a couple of hours)
~Smashed my finger in a shopping cart
~Can't stop coughing still ):

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Sooooo driving in post-Christmas traffic in a huge city is fun, right? We went to Davenport to try to do Emmy's Build-A-Bear (which went pretty well, she chose a grey ballerina kitty and fell asleep in the car with it)...and it was packed, of course. Getting out of the parking lot proved interesting.

We got in the car, and then couldn't back up because there was this old lady in a car directly behind ours. I thought she might've been waiting for another car to pull out so she could have their spot, but we couldn't see anyone else moving. There were lots of people walking in the middle of the roads though, so it would've been hard to back out, plus a lot of cars going around this old lady's car and zipping by. We couldn't get out because she was RIGHT behind us, and we sat there waiting, until Dustin finally opened his door and was like, "Um, can you move your car? Please?"

So, this old lady looks toward us, sees both of us looking, kind of throws her hands up and shakes her head in exasperation, puts her car into reverse and looks behind her...then proceeds to stomp on the gas and back up directly into the front of the truck that was waiting behind her.


So then she pulls forward, gets out of her car, and goes over to the window of the truck, where another lady (35ish) had been driving and was now looking at her like "......". I saw the old lady start talking, flap her hands in our direction, then go back toward her car. The one in the truck got out and looked at the front of hers, called something about it only hitting her bumper, and got back in her truck. No, there wasn't any damage, but how did we enjoy that "UM HAY IT'S THAT GUY'S FAULT I BACKED INTO YOUR TRUCK EVEN THOUGH I WAS LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER, BECAUSE I WAS SITTING BEHIND THEIR CAR AND NOT MOVING AND HE RUSHED ME".

Happy fucking New Year to you too, lady.


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