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[livejournal.com profile] kiptripsyc is giving away a (completely free) tablet. So, go on over there and tell him why you think you deserve it or something.

I accidentally left a tea bag of honeybush chocolate in the cup for like fifteen minutes...doesn't taste too bad, though. Bet it would suck if it had been a black tea.
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To anyone that was waiting on Christmas cards: I was hoping to send them out when we get Emmy's pictures back, due on the 16th. Some of them might be late, but they'll have Emmy in front of a white tree, so that balances right?

If you still wanted one, it's not too late. PM me your address, and I'll send you one with the rest.


Nov. 15th, 2009 12:01 am
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Sun goes down I'm just getting up, I'm heading for the city lights
Radio blasting on the way to the club, gonna rock this town tonight!
You're living in a man's world, they tell us
But we ain't gonna buy it
The things they're trying to sell us now

'Cause we're the girls of rock and roll
Yeah we're the girls of rock and roll

Oh yeah!
The curtain's up and I'm ready to go, my guitar is in my hand
There's nothing more that I'd rather do than play in a rock n' roll band

What we have is what we will be given
Headed for the top--don't 'cha know!
We'll never stop believing now

'Cause we're the boys of rock and roll
You better believe it, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah, we're the boys of rock and roll

We are the girls, we are the girls, we are the girls of rock n' roll...
We are the boys, we are the boys, we are the boys of rock n' roll...

--The Chipmunk Adventure
"The Girls Of Rock And Roll"

This song is totally awesome. Kids' movies in the 80s and 90s had great music, actually.


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