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Soon to be major plus-side of working at home: I will no longer have to listen to all of the middle-aged women around me yammering every second of every day. Today, they talked for twenty minutes on what colour each of their ceilings were in each room of their houses. WHY.

And then they wonder why they can barely make productivity. I hardly ever say anything, and have never even come close to being in danger of not making the productivity cut-off. These co-workers have also repeatedly lamented that they're going to be so bored and so lonely when having to work from home. OH DEAR GOD, WE MIGHT GET SOME WORK DONE, TOO. Me, I'm worried about my productivity going down, with all of the distractions at home (mostly Emmy and the TV). I guess we shall see.

btw I feel it's safe to note that the galaxy will implode if I don't get laundry folded tonight. and that I'm buying a bottle of vodka (along with two new, tightly claspable cat collars) when I pick Emmy up from daycare.
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So tomorrow I am probably getting this. KIND OF AWESOME, HUH? After the 2-year agreement and mail-in rebate, it's going to be $130. Which is still a little pricey, but better than $400 amirite. I've wanted one with a keyboard forever, and the ability to have internet and shit. Some of the reviews complain about the lack of battery life, but that's what US Cellular's Battery Swap is for. Hopefully going tomorrow to look at it, hold it and play around with it and ask questions to the salesperson instead of just looking a picture and reading online reviews. There's also this one, which is only $50 after rebates, but has a less awesome camera and doesn't apper to have a web browser or anything like that. I'll have to pay more for a mobile internet plan, but...I kind of want one. And due to all the overtime, I can afford it. I've pretty much never actively wanted a phone or a new one before, so this is kind of exciting. It's not really the ~calling people~ I want it for, anyway. I can do video clips with it too, it says, which will be fun with Emmy.

I had an idea for a story today, and me and Kelly are going to try to co-write it. Spent a few hours coming up with characters and plot, and it looks pretty good so far! I'm pretty excited about it, and there's a possibility of trying it for NaNo. I was considering doing an AU for my main story for it, but who knows if I'll be able to, if there's so much more overtime coming. I was telling Kelly that I'm more productive as a writer when I have someone else to bounce off of, to write in response to, so we're thinking about it! I hope we at least have a go at writing it, if not for NaNo than just for the hell of it, because maybe it could be a good story? Stay tuned!

Also, I have vodka and Hawaiian Punch. I usually have juice, but who would've thought the Lemon Berry Squeeze has less sugar than cran-raspberry? NOT ME, THAT'S WHO.


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