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Outlook Express (what I normally use to view email) has been pissing me off, not sending/receiving mails. Plus, I can't check my mail when I'm on my laptop. So, I'm going to be using Gmail from now on.


I should still get emails on the old one, if anyone misses this/forgets, but it won't be immediate because I won't have the programme open all the time any more.

Since I've not really used gmail before (I've had this email awhlie, just...never used it), I was wondering if anyone knew of a way I can...make it go HEY HEY YOU'VE GOT MAIL, LOOK, THERE'S A NEW EMAIL, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND SEE WHAT IT IS. I mean...well, Outlook Express sends a little envelope icon to my task bar, so even when I've got everything minimized, I can still tell when I've got new email. Is the only way to know at once if you've got new gmail is to keep the tab open, and continually look for the not-very-obvious (#) saying there's something unread? I guess...I can do this, especially if I'm able to have all of my email on both computers...even something like Yahoo! Mail's pop-up in the the middle of the screen all "HEY THERE'S SOMETHING, DO YOU WANT TO SEE IT NOW OR LATER" would be a little more attention-getting. I couldn't find anything in the settings or labs, is there...anything to download? Idk...? I'd just like...some sort of more obvious notification than the text on the tab changing, since I have Firefox minimized/background a lot of the time :\

edit: So I just found this "Notifier" thing? I'm going to try that, see how it works! HOPEFULLY WELL.

edit 2: YES AWESOME IT WORKS. New email system all set up :D

also, because I want these to hatch:


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