Feb. 18th, 2010

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  • 05:06 So I'm up at 4:40 to get ready to go to the airport...had my alarm for 5 but Emmy woke up crying and had to soothe her, so just got up
  • 06:36 Waiting for security at the airport... Lol they're not even here yet
  • 07:01 Waiting at the gate...like 45 min until boarding. Will I get b& if I try to take a pic of the plane outside for Emmy?
  • 07:06 Getting checked in and baggage checked was surprisingly easy--you guys were right. But we got here super early, too.
  • 07:12 @cueballex excellent on both counts. Planes don't have internet, right?
  • 07:25 I hope whomever I'm seated next to is either really nice or really quiet.
  • 07:29 twitpic.com/13xocj - The terminal carpet is so awesome.
  • 07:48 Wtf...supposed to start boarding 5 mins ago--no agents in sight. And I AM at the right gate...
  • 07:50 Oh good...a mechanical issue with the plane. Hello delay (at least).
  • 07:55 Okay boarding now--phew
  • 07:59 Okay turning my phone off now..will twit @ you guys in Denver
  • 10:32 In Denver
  • 10:52 I think we arrived so early that my next departure isn't listed yet
  • 10:56 @cueballex I AM GOING TO TRY TO GET ON AIM
  • 11:07 I don't see any except for a private data booth that probably costs money.
  • 11:09 BY THE WAY my very first takeoff sucked...I started crying when the plane first moved and then whoa panic when we lifted off. Better later.
  • 11:27 Ugh can't figure out how to connect laptop to airport wifi.
  • 11:30 Woman across from me is trying to read a johnathan kellerman but keeps falling asleep. 2 thumbs up?
  • 11:32 Also I do not see any trains in this airport...lot of conveyer belts, though.
  • 12:07 Oh sure, my gate for san jose is ALL THE FUCKING WAY across the airport. Well, I'm here now and waiting to board. ABOUT 3 MORE HRS TO SJ!!
  • 12:11 I forgot what you guys told me...do I have to check in again at this gate? I already have my boarding pass.
  • 12:28 IIII KNOW THE WAY TO SAN JOSE~ boarded and waiting for takeoff!! THREE MORE HOURS
  • 15:33 Just landed in san jose, waiting to deplane
  • 15:55 Got my stuff; waiting to be picked up
  • 18:07 Ugh my laptop is being a bitch and won't connect to the internet
  • 18:34 laptop keyboards suck ):
  • 18:34 BUT IN BETTER NEWS the plane landed okay, I got my stuff, and I'm with K&G...ALL HAVING COMPUTER TIME, WHOO PARTY
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