Mar. 9th, 2010

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The other day I ran into Wal-Mart to get a new package of socks for Emmy, since almost all of hers are way too small/missing. I was standing in the aisle for toddler socks and underpants, trying to choose between brands/designs/prices, when I overheard a conversation:

Girl: Does she make you wear it?
Guy: No. No, she doesn't make me. But I like it!
Girl: Dude, guys aren't supposed to wear them, though! It's special for girls.
Guy: Well, you come over here and rip it off me, then.
Girl: *giggles* No.
Guy: I just like it is all.
Girl: But you're not even married yet!
Guy: If she can wear one, so can I.

They were talking about him wearing a wedding band given to him by his fiancée. He had an engagement ring and was defending this to a friend/acquaintance, all while choosing baby products <3

daily twits

Mar. 9th, 2010 11:50 pm
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  • 16:20 Also the lens of my glasses popped out of the frame :(
  • 16:21 - RAEG. so change the laws to prohibit ALL discrimination fucknuts!
  • 16:28 Think I got it popped back in--no lost screws or anything. Definitely need a new pair though...sup vision insurance. Waiting on cards/number
  • 19:14 I hate not being able to say what I really want to because I don't feel like fucking fighting about it.
  • 19:54 oh, you. you make me have to go to the bathroom.
  • 19:54 (it also doesn't help that it's freezing in here.)
  • 20:08 I almost wish Eisley would get out of my head. I'm good with it for now,'s going to get old fast, and then I'll be tired of them ):
  • 20:08 THE HORROR
  • 20:20 @kiptripsyc Can you confirm/deny that you got my email? Someone else I know using gmail didn't receive ones I'd sent, so I'm checking.
  • 20:27 Well, that just makes me feel all gooshy inside.
  • 20:30 let it all drop.
  • 20:33 Ha! Well, that got Eisley out of my head. SUP, MODEST MOUSE
  • 20:49 @janustheory Awesome! :D I hope you like it &lt;3
  • 20:52 the best response is no response at all.
  • 21:03 I firmly believe that there are two sides to (almost) every story. Especially when I can see them.
  • 21:11 ...eew. This frozen dinner is weird.
  • 21:12 Is this orzo? If so, orzo is nasty.
  • 21:16 @Juliabohemian It looks like fat rice, but is quite a lot mushier :\
  • 21:17 Yeah, this is gross. Bye-bye, three dollars. Now I have to nuke something else. (THE HORROR.)
  • 21:25 Maybe Emmy will eat this...
  • 21:28 whoo! turkey ham and cheese on fiber bread instead of chicken marsala w/orzo. IN THE ZONE TONIGHT \o/
  • 21:30 (and not turkey & ham. TURKEY HAM. It is delishus.)
  • 21:40 ...Amazon suggested "Amy's Caressing Amiability" for my PayPhrase. lol wut
  • 21:41 back is all stiff and sore and hurty. BATHS TIEM. With a book!
  • 23:04 ahhhhh bath. that seriously helped my back.
  • 23:09 So I got nothing done today. Oh well. Maybe I'll finish something tomorrow. 12 hours again. Ugh.
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