Jul. 30th, 2010

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  • 00:05:34: Did you guys know...there is a city in Indiana called French Lick?
  • 06:26:46: Woke up with a headache, augh
  • 09:10:40: Gonna be done with work early again it seems...
  • 11:59:38: Ha. Someone challenged my memory (months ago, but I refused to let it go). I win.
  • 12:35:18: I put shredded cheddar on my cottage cheese /redundant
  • 12:58:46: Illy is such a BABY.
  • 12:59:50: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: #filmconfessions Cedric was a drama-queen so his character was killed. I hear he's playing a fairy in some "Twitwat ...
  • 13:02:13: Ugh, what the crap, Iowa. I'm going to MOVE. http://tinyurl.com/37xwptz
  • 13:03:16: The stupid fucking NOM tour makes me want to retch enough. GTFO OF MY STATE. We have something here, it's called "equality". And "GTFO".
  • 13:54:38: YAY CRIMINAL MINDS SEASON FOUR from @dusted1 for my birthday <3 :D
  • 14:14:16: Is anyone else having a problem with the new LJ tags thing, where it's ~LOADING~ forever?
  • 14:14:24: I don't have a bazillion tags, god.
  • 16:10:52: Told some kid to stop doing something dangerous/reckless in mcd's and some women gave me a wtf look. WELL EXCUSE ME.
  • 18:38:56: VIDEO: EMMY http://gandolforf.livejournal.com/479391.html
  • 21:35:35: Flabbergasted at the continued stupidity of people who Know Everything.
  • 22:11:06: I've decided: As soon as I'm done updating my index, I get an ice cream cone. What?
  • 23:01:51: My iced creams tasted freezer burned, so I threw it away and got a plain cone and am eating that. That's the part I wanted anyway D:
  • 23:27:59: I finished updating my story journal, but the index...oh god...who wants to update it for me D:

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