Aug. 9th, 2010

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  • 13:21:25: THERE. Mexican Chicken Stew is in the slow cooker. Note: raw chicken is still disgusting
  • 13:40:53: I swear next time we go to Sam's Club I'm getting a box of those food service gloves.
  • 14:15:30: I HATE it when people claim a GAME is "lying/cheating". IT'S A GAME. IT WAS PROGRAMMED. Maybe there's a glitch, but lie/cheat? W/E
  • 15:08:51: I may have vodka.
  • 15:21:02: I have decided I like using Gmail.
  • 16:28:51: fuckyeahbisexuals: The Importance of Teaching Children About Homosexuality - › [by Joe Kort] › › Phobia › •...
  • 17:12:38: Getting hungry for my stew. It looks (and smells) awesome.
  • 17:48:49: Just think--awhile ago this was nothing but ingredients.
  • 18:37:48: ...God, The Cowsills "Hair" will NOT get out of my head. Every few seconds: NO, NEEEVER HAVE TO CUT IT 'CAUSE IT STOPS BY ITSELF!
  • 19:03:14: Prop 8 reversal is victory for science, human dignity, says the American Psychological Association -...
  • 19:10:42: Oh my god, I so do not want to get into an argument over what constitutes child abuse and what doesn't, but aertioabdajkm
  • 19:16:45: ...I may still have vodka.
  • 19:32:06: Got rice in the rice cooker to put the Mexican Chicken stew over :D
  • 20:33:44: My stew is num-tacular but Dustin doesn't like RICE. HOW.
  • 22:00:16: I like Toby Keith; I don't care

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