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Man so I guess I have weird dreams in California, too.

The first time, I dreamed [livejournal.com profile] hi_falootin's Mike was living with someone with Down's Syndrome, and had to go to court to try to prove the relationship was consensual and okay. Rayn was his lawyer, Darcy the other attorney trying to press the incompetance of Down Syndrome guy. (Brain never gave me a name.) I think it was determined that the relationship was okay, and off they went.

The second one was, as I told Geena, rather creepy and scary and I'm glad Kelly's bath woke me from it. In it, some cops were looking for a missing girl, and...we were looking into all of these little shops that faced an alley (or maybe it was the back doors of the shops--you know how they do that, front on the street and back in the alley...except it felt like those were the main entrances, idk). I think at some point they realised one of the shops was fake, and the back room was some sort of torture chamber...but couldn't find which. Then, when they were a block over looking at some other streets, they heard someone suddenly start screaming, like "NO! NOOOOO! HELP! HELP! NO! NOOOO--" and when they ran over and finally broke through the windows where the screaming had been coming from, one cop managed to get inside the door...and came back out screaming and vomiting all down his front. The others went inside and exited the same way. The like...point of view changed, and I got to see a bloody mangled young woman (late teens/early twenties) on a bed with her head like...crushed and uh...peeled back? I guess luckily for her, she died pretty fast. Not a pretty sight.

The cops were talking to people around the area, trying to figure out of anyone had seen that girl and anyone else going into that shop. One guy didn't see the girl, but described a woman with a large bottom, dainty ankles, and long brown hair. One of the police was not pleased with this information. Then some stuff I don't remember and is blurred together... then finally three cops by themselves, having to climb a very high chainlink fence that seemed to block off...nothing. A dead end that was the width of the alley, but only like ten or fifteen feet and there was NOTHING inside the fence except the ground and brick walls. SISPISHUS. One of the cops climbed to the top but kinda hung there, keeping guard from high up I guess, while the other two climb down the back side and were hunting around in this mysterious area.

Meanwhile, the old man that had seen the woman that went into the DEATH STORE saw her again, going into a side door for a basement-level apartment, and decided it was a fine day to go knock on her door. She opened it and seemed normal enough, inviting him in for tea while they talked about the horrible tragedy that had happened right outside their own doors. Naturally, halfway through the tea this guy realises this woman was the murderer, and wants to get away by acting like he doesn't know a thing. However, this woman can evidently read minds or feel brainwaves or whatever, and knows instantly that he knows. She smiles though, and opens the door for him to leave, and they see a whole crowd of people outside, waiting for him. No idea how they knew he was there or how they knew to be worried about him. Maybe they read his mind too? DUNNO. Anyway, he stars down the steps (...no idea why the entrance to a basement apartment has steps down, but WHATEVER, BRAIN) and before the eyes of all the other people, the woman either shoots or MAKES APPEAR this...giant hole in his back, and he falls forward and down the stairs. Surprisingly, the crowd doesn't scream or run, they just murmur and look up at her, and one person is like "...you'd shoot a guy in the back? As he was leaving?" And she just smiles and they realise how evil and insane she is.

Back to the cops and Mystery Fence. The one hanging from the top (feet in the links, one arm thrown over the top) had a gun stuck into the collar of his shirt, but suddenly can't find it when these really creepy homeless-looking guys start coming into that alley. One of them is moving along, facing the walls and murmuring to them, ignoring everything the cops say to him, and slowly getting closer to the fence. Another starts climbing the fence without using his hands. Indeed, he has no arms. Another is on the ground in the middle of the alley, just sort of standing there. The one climbing with no arms gets up to the level of the hanging cop, who then tries kicking him in the head to get him back down. It doesn't work. The one that was talking to the bricks finds the gun as the other two cops apparently find out why the area was blocked off with a fence, because when the hanging cop looks back around for them...they're gone. The weird guy that was climbing the fence looks up at the hanging cop, and he ends up falling to the ground when he sees the face, which is no face any longer. It's elongated as if melting, but not melting--it's just like that. There are no eyes, just sloppy black holes. There's no mouth, but another hole that looks as if it had been bitten out by something else.

That of course is the point at which I was awakened. (See Kelly, this is why I was glad for your bath.) I have no idea what the fuck was with that woman, only that it was she that killed the girl and commanded the creepy dirty homeless-looking guys. I don't know what became of her or the crowd that saw her kill the old man, only that she was some sort of demon vampire? I also don't know where the other cops went or what happened to the one that had been hanging and saw the "face" of the no-armed...thing. I'M HONESTLY RATHER GLAD OF THAT.

Thankfully, the shops, streets, and alleys that were all in this dream are also in my Iowa hometown. Yay! :\

So we're going to have pancakes this morning (blue ones, maybe?? :D) and then see about doing some other stuff. Golden Gate walking seems the most likely, and yay! BUT BUT I ONLY HAVE 463 PICTURES LEFT ON MY CAMERA. Note to self: bring moar batteries. I also woke up with a Matchbox 20 song in my head; the dream broken by the sound of water in pipes and if it's just that you're weak, we can talk about it. HOKAY. This bed in the guest room of Kelly's parents house is really comfy, except when I woke up at like five and had to use the bathroom, I came back and had to turn on the light and stand here and make the bed, because I somehow short-sheeted myself or something. One blanket was on the floor, the other two tangled and scattered from hell to breakfast.

Okay, now is time to get ready for brekkie and the day. I sure hope that giant robot from Monsters Vs. Aliens doesn't go a-bridge-destroyin while we're out there.

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