Jul. 4th, 2010

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(omfg my hand looks sooo weird. I'm blaming that on the angle. My thumb is really not gigantic and my fingers are not super-short, wtf
OKAY I had to take another picture of my hand. But there's also Finey, so. aeltyasei IT STILL LOOKS WEIRD. It doesn't look like that when I LOOK at my hand, just in the pictures... D:)

I totally love little reptile figurines XD FOR PROOF HERE IS ONE OF MY SHELVES:

And I also have these little guys, who don't have a place on a shelf yet (and can't stay here, or cats/child will get them):

They were called "sandbags".

CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY WERE ONLY $1.99 IN A ZOO GIFT SHOP. I seriously would have expected like, at least $5.99. I got the lizard and turtle, and Emmy got a sparkly elephant Dustin tried repeatedly to get her to name "Elephanty". I also got a shirt, but it's just grey with the lines of a tiger face and says NIABI ZOO MOLINE ILLINOIS or something like that.

ALSO ALSO I've got some really good pics from the zoo yesterday, but today I'm really going to try to WRITE because I miss my guys soooo much. Dustin's off at Riverboat Days to see life-size Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots; I gave the camera to him, to get pictures, which is why these pictures suck--my phone camera doesn't have a flash, and apparently likes to get really blurry. It's a great camera when you're outside!

daily twits

Jul. 4th, 2010 11:50 pm
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  • 23:57 I wish I had some soup. I feel like soup.
  • 00:15 Found a can of soup! Not really the kind I wanted (I wanted southwest spicy chicken and black bean) but still: SOUP.
  • 00:22 OH UGH AETAEUIBA GOD NO. It wasn't specified on the can of soup that there were MUSHROOMS in it. HARF BARF
  • 00:24 Bleh. This soup is nasty. I'm making fucking cereal.
  • 00:31 I'm eating multigrain Cheerios. Dustin said it looked like Spaghetti Os. I'm not even eating them in tomato sauce D: (almond milk, mmm)
  • 00:57 Tomorrow's plan: FUCKING WRITE SOMETHING. I'm gonna go to sleep soon, and have quiet/alone time tomorrow. MUST.
  • 01:15 Best penis euphemism ever: "Purple-headed womb broom". LOL FOREVER.
  • 10:06 Good morning, people that couldn't sleep!
  • 10:07 I actually slept just under EIGHT HOURS. how does this even happen anymoreeeeee. I feel pretty much rested, though the AC needs back on here
  • 10:09 Dammit, my right eyes is still seeing a tiny spot whenever I blink. I hope I don't has the eye wormz
  • 10:25 Got my booklet for Take A Vacation! signed by @thisisryanross and group :D :D
  • 10:26 I thought they'd stiffed me, so extra yay~ Now, to listen to the CD...
  • 10:36 Emmy has a sore throat, so she's coming home early from her aunt's. I love my kid, but...GOD I wanted to write today. A lot. Maybe Mom's...
  • 10:36 (I wouldn't send her off if she was REALLY sick, but I think she's just strained it/being a bit whiny. We'll see when she gets here.)
  • 10:41 ...lol, the seller I won season 1&2 of Big Bang Theory "hopes this product helps me". IT WILL HELP ME HAVE GOOD BBT WATCHING, FOR SRS
  • 11:27 Damn. Reflex-clicked on a Slime Slugma egg when I needed a stupid Slakoth AND THERE WAS ONE THERE. Now to hatch this bastard.
  • 11:42 Dustin: "A hotel without a website? That sounds like a place I want to stay."
  • 11:44 It's really windy and the tree branches that haven't been pruned in YEARS are spanking the side of our house. Like...two feet from my desk.
  • 12:20 Dammit, I said "Yaeh" again. IDC, IT'S BETTER THAN "YEA"
  • 14:03 I wrote about 200 words. SO AWESOME AM I. (Ugh.)
  • 17:36 Finey is trapped underneath the house and will not come close enough to get her. Left bathroom door open, hopefully she'll climb back up.
  • 18:15 Welly and Finey had both gotten under, and after about 10 minutes Welly came over and I got her. Finey is now nowhere to be found.
  • 18:16 All I can hope for now is that she climbs back up through the hole in the bathroom cabinets.
  • 19:06 Dustin convinced me to go out one more time to try to get her, and he got her to a hole in the siding with the laser pointer. Inside now.
  • 19:06 He's going to fix up that hole in the cupboards now.
  • 19:34 Bathroom cabinet hole fixed; so also are Illy and Finey's collars. Now I'm going to finish my drink.
  • 21:42 Me: *spins in chair* Dustin: "You spinning right round?" Me: "Like a record, baby"
  • 22:33 Watching "Mafia!" with Dustin, who has never seen it.
  • 23:20 "You're a psychotic lunatic!""And I deserve respect for that!"
  • 23:39 aw crap I missed someone calling me "homeskillet".
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